Kundali Bhagya Episode Written Update 15 September 2024: Karan Gets Close To Preeta In Bed

Within the latest series of Kundali Bhagya, Karan & his own family (4) accepts Preeta in their own home. Mahira & Sherlyn are obliged to develop Karan’s bed for his own suhaag raat.

Preeta’s mom, Sarla, informs her to block fighting with Karan & try to end the misunderstandings between them. Karan informs his own family (4) that he doesn’t need to sleep within the room with Preeta however Sammy & Rishabh instigate him to go inside the room.

Mahira & Sherlyn also try to block Karan from going to the bedroom with Preeta.

Within the upcoming series, Mahira & Sherlyn keep an ear on what’s going on in Karan’s room. They hear Preeta flirting with Karan to please him.

Preeta hugs Karan because she knows it’ll make Mahira jealous. The hug makes Karan & Preeta, realize they’ve emotions for every different.

Sammy sees Mahira & Sherlyn outdoor Karan’s room. He requests them to immediately leave (or) he’ll have to call Rishabh to cope with them.

Mahira has a bad dream that Karan & Preeta have been getting romantic within the room.

In fact, Karan & Preeta argue regarding who’ll sleep on the bed. Karan rules to sleep on the couch in his own balcony.

When Preeta sees it’s regarding to rain outdoor, she imparts him a opportunity to enter the room however he rejects.

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