Kundali Bhagya Episode Written Update 3 September 2023: Karan Is Forced To Accept Preeta?

Within the latest series of Kundali Bhagya, Preeta repatriates house & locates her mom, Sarla, upset with her. She informs Preeta that in case she cares regarding the Luthra family (4) so much afterwards she must repatriate there. She requests Preeta to accomplish whatever it takes to gain Sherlyn & Mahira out of the Luthra family (4), because they’re criminals.

Prithvi gets drunk & shows as many as Preeta’s home he creates a scene & requests Sarla to let him marry Preeta.

In the Luthra home, everybody is stunned when Preeta shows up with her suitcase & 2 NGO labour.

Within the upcoming daily episode, Preeta presents Karan as her spouse & the Luthra family (4) as her family (4) to the NGO labour. She ignores Mahira & her mom, Ramona, by calling them guests.

Prithvi approaches the Luthra home & continues to offend Preeta for choosing Karan over him. Sarla tries to slap him again however he holds her hand enforces her to listen to him.

Kareena & Sherlyn offend Preeta & Karan even throws Preeta’s bag out of the home. The NGO labour have evidence that the Luthra family (4) mistreats Preeta.

Srishti sees Prithvi in her home, drunk & misbehaving with her family (4). She takes him & tries to push him out of the home that angers him extra.

When Mahira interferes, Preeta calls her ‘the different lady’ trying to steal Karan. The NGO labour say Karan has to accept Preeta as his own spouse (or) go to jail.

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