LaMakaan’s flagship event to feature renowned musician TM Krishna

Hyderabad(Hyd): Lamakaan’s Annual Hasan Memorial Lecture that happens each Independence Day yr. going to feature known Carnatic musician & writer TM Krishna.

The Hasan Memorial Lecture (HML) had become an annual fixture of the open cultural space back in 2014. This landmark event pertains to the prevalent political & economic crises in India(In), South Asia, (or) the globe.

Because of the epidemic although, the talk going to happen on-line in rather than in the Lamakaan space itself.

The nation’s landscape is incrementally getting polarised along religion, ethnicity, race, language, & the discussion about what constitutes domestic culture. Although, music transcends such boundaries. Krishna’s lecture going to centre on the relationship between music as witnessed using a nationalistic lens & a project of person liberation, a press declare from Lamakaan stated.

A people intellectual, he speaks & writes extensively regarding the person condition & cultural production within the form of music.

This lecture is called after Moyed Hasan who has been a scientist, photographer, environmentalist & a human who cared deeply for ordinary citizens. His own erstwhile home serves as the current building of LaMakaan.

Recent HML speakers contain economist Jayati Ghosh, Sociologist & Person rights activist Professor Gail Omvedt, activist Bharat Patankar, academic along with activist Professor Kodandaram & prominent reporter Siddharth Varadarajan.