Low-key festivities mark Ganesh immersion in Hyderabad

Hyderabad(Hyd), September 2 : Ganesh immersion procession moved off peacefully in Hyderabad(Hyd) on Tue. amidst tight security & low-key festivities because of the COVID-19-19 epidemic.

Hundreds of devotees came together in Hussain Sagar lake within the heart of the city for immersion of idols, marking the culmination of the nine-day festival.

Regarding 5,000 idols have been immersed within the lake & the procedure has been on until midnight. Although, the amount of idols decreased compared to the recent yrs. because of COVID-19.

The grand immersion procession started from Balapur with multiple idols carried on trucks.

The popular Khairatabad Ganesh has been also took to the lake in a procession. The size of the idol this yr. has been lowered to just 9 ft. It habituated to be the tallest idol in this city.

The organisers stated this has been the for the first time within the last 66 yrs. that the size has been lowered. Each yr., the organisers habituated to rise its height by 1 foot & this yr., they’d scheduled to install a 66-feet idol.

In see of the epidemic, the organisers of the festival didn’t organise traditional auctions of ‘laddus’ & ‘prasadam’ distribution programs.

Officials made elaborate arrangements for smooth carry out of the immersion. Nearly 15,000 personnel have been deployed in the context of the massive security.

A overall of 21 cranes have been deployed about Hussain Sagar for immersion of the idols took from different parts of the twin cities of Hyderabad(Hyd) & Secunderabad & the outskirts.

Hyderabad(Hyd) Police Commissioner Anjani Kumar, who monitored the security arrangements, toured the lake with different police authorities. They noticed the immersion from a boat on the lake.

The police chief stated the immersion has been pursuing in a serene atmosphere, & COVID-19-19 regulations have been being followed. He stated the amount of idols decreased this yr..