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Mahmood Ali’s health stable, 2 more family members test positive

Hyderabad(Hyd): Telangana (TL) H.M Mr Mohammed Mahmood Ali who tested positive(+ve) for COVID-19 was moved to a corporate hospital (3) in Hyderabad(Hyd).

As per sources, a tandem of doctors inspected Mr Mahmood Ali as he wasn’t feeling well. Detecting signs of COVID-19 they suggested him to move to the hospital (3).

Family (4) members also test positive(+ve)

Apart from Mahmood Ali, his own grandson Mohammed Furqan Ahmed has also tested positive(+ve) for COVID-19. Both were moved to Apollo hospital (3) where they’re undergoing medication within the supervision of expert doctors. Doctors reported that condition of both is stable & they’ll recover shortly.

House minister’s son Mohammed Azam Ali Khurram were house quarantined after he developed Coronavirus signs. He has been also moved to Apollo Hospital (3) y’day night.

Gunmen tested positive(+ve)

It should be recalled that 5 gunmen of house minister’s security employees have been identified Coronavirus positive last week. In spite of that Mahmood Ali participated Haritha Haram program. Employees of house minister was house quarantined.

TRS MLAs contract COVID-19

It should also be observed that just recently 3 TRS MLAs have also contracted COVID-19.

Jump in no. of COVID-19 instances

There was a quantum jump in the amount of COVID-19-19 instances for the last 1 week (or) so. 975 citizens tested positive(+ve) on Mon., pushing the state’s toll to 15,394.

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