4 Ways to Make Your CBD Oil Taste Unbelievably

According to research, there is almost 30% of the world’s population who suffer from chronic pain. Isn’t this shocking information? Chronic pain can come in many forms and it can appear in multiple ways. One thing is sure, if you’re experiencing chronic pain it means that your life is much harder and it’s complicated to function on a daily basis. Even the small simple things such as getting a good night’s sleep can become almost impossible to achieve. What’s even worse, chronic pain rapidly becomes a cause for many other health issues and conditions.

For example, if a person experiences constant pain, that person will lose appetite. Therefore it’s very likely to develop an eating disorder, which can then result in many other problems. If a person is sleep deprived, it will affect her immune system and it will be much easier for many infections to enter that system.

Of course, chronic pain is not the only one of the things that can be treated with alternative treatments or in other words alternative medicine. Although traditional painkillers are usually effective, they almost always come with a large number of side effects, which is why people usually hesitate to use these medications. Or they try to find a different solution to their problems. Speaking of alternative medicines and remedies: we have to mention CBD oil.

Thanks to modern technologies and above all – the internet, the information about CBD oil has become accessible and the awareness about multiple ways to treat certain conditions has increased significantly. That being said, five, ten or twenty years ago people thought that they only had one solution to their health problems and that was traditional medicine surgeries etc. Today, we have a lot of supplements that we can take advantage of and that are proven to be less harmful to our health, while at the same time providing amazing results.

According to HappyGardenCBD, CBD oil is definitely one of them. What’s special about this oil is the fact that it’s mild, it helps fight pain, anxiety, depression, certain skin conditions and even helps with the most serious problems such as some forms of cancer.

People still have certain doubts about this oil because they usually don’t know the difference between CBD oil and marijuana. The biggest difference between the two is the percentage of THC which is significantly lower in cannabidiol. Thanks to this, taking CBD oil will not make you hyped, dizzy or high, but it will help you relax and ease the pain that you’re experiencing.

However, being concerned about getting high from cannabidiol is not the only thing that people who’ve never tried this remedy are worried about. One of the most common concerns about CBD is how it tastes. Since this is a plant-based oil and it’s a natural remedy, people are usually afraid that it will taste awful, which is why they hesitate to try it.

But what does CBD oil and other products really taste like? The taste can vary depending on multiple factors such as the purity of CBD oil, the type (it can be either isolated, full spectrum and broad spectrum) and therefore, the quality of your cannabidiol products.

People usually describe it as earthy, but it can even be sour or bitter, depending on the type. Most certainly, it will taste just like any other natural oil, so it will have a heavy taste, and it’s probably gonna be strong. Some say that it even reminds them of sunflower and other seeds’ taste. Quite often, this would be a turn off for people.

That being said, there is one question that comes to people’s minds and that is: can you make your CBD oil taste good or even fantastic? Let’s dive into it:

As for any other supplement or oil, there are plenty of ways to mask the taste. You can either try to incorporate it into another flavour, or you can try to consume it with a stronger one, that would erase the CBD oil taste.

That being said, you can:

1. Mix It With Food

You can mix this oil with your favorite snacks, whether those are sweets or other types of snacks; and as soon as you take your CBD oil you can simply eat a piece of chocolate or your favourite sweet afterwards, and you will not feel the taste. On the other hand, you can put a bit of honey under your tongue or even mint under your tongue, since this will help eliminate the flavour and even if the CBD flavour with something that’s sweet it will make the taste less sour and more pleasant.

2. Mix It With Drinks

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You can either put your oil in a smoothie or a drink with a strong flavour such as your favourite soda. It has been proven that this oil also makes a perfect match with all the hot drinks so you can consider mixing this remedy with either tea, hot chocolate or coffee; and on the other hand, people say that it’s not equally pleasant to consume it with extremely cold drinks, so you should pick the hot ones instead.

3. Prevent the Taste From Spreading

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What do we mean by this? When you take a few drops of this oil, it will slowly start absorbing through your mouth tissue, and it’s been proven that if you do a simple trick beforehand, such as washing your mouth and teeth prior to taking your CBD, this can stop the flavour from spreading so much. If you simply swallow the oil and it doesn’t stay in your mouth, you won’t have to feel the taste you don’t like.

4. Use This Ingredient in Other, Tasty Products

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Good news is that you don’t have to use traditional CBD oil, but rather some other products that contain these ingredients such as edibles (gummy bears, and other sweets) or tinctures. They usually have sweeteners that make the taste better and they are flavored with other flavors, either fruity or sweet. If you’re not interested in mixing tastes yourself, this is a good and convenient option as well.