Manny Khoshbin Net Worth 2024


Manny is a person with a beautiful mind that works towards the path of making money, from real estate to writing books he has found several ways through which he could share his knowledge and make a considerable amount of dollars. As of 2024 he is 50 years old and hasn’t stopped working even after he is a millionaire he claims that working keeps him energetic and he feels young day by day.

He is known to be a very secretive man but through several sources, we have managed to collect details about him that every fan should know, so continue reading to find information about his life, how he began his career and also the most interesting part about his net worth.

About Manny

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Manuchehr, popularly known by his nickname Manny, is a very hardworking man. Today he owns the company Khoshbin and he is the CEO of and President of the same. He has also written some books using which he has given information and advice towards a path of success.

Something that very few people know about him is that he is from Iran and was born there itself but later he immigrated when he was 14 and took up a job at age of 16 in a place called Kmart. In the same job, he was later promoted as assistant manager in the section of sports.

Early Life And Family

He was born on the 14th of January in the year 1971 in Iran. During his early teens itself, he started taking up jobs and while looking so he was also completing his graduation from high school. By the time he managed to finish school he knew that he had acquired enough information to start his own business and become an entrepreneur.

Talking about his family he got married in the year 2011 and had his first child in 2012. Other details about his parents are not known; he has never spoken about either of them.

His Career And Major Milestones

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Manny struggled throughout his teenage years to be a successful person when he reached adulthood and he made it happen as of now he is handling a company whose real estate portfolio is more than 22 lakh square feet in the US. He has made his personality in such a way that today he is one of the best tycoons in the real estate business.

He is also a YouTube personality with a successful channel with subscriber rate growing every day and fans.

A Few Things You Didn’t Know About Manny

  • He owns several exotic cars and is fascinated with them.
  • Sadly he has not received any awards yet but he has not given up and will achieve whatever he aims for.
  • He has also been part of magazines and shows because of his talents and exotic car collection.

Net Worth

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His total net worth is estimated to be nearly 80 million dollars as of 2024. Most of his earnings are through his company and other entrepreneur projects he also earns a considerable amount from YouTube ads and by publishing books that he writes.