Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 11th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Twist…

Today’s Written Episode: Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 11th November 2023 Daily Episode Starts With MKabir is regarding to go behind her.

RB states you call yourself as her finest friend & shall really know what’s great for her & what’s not. Kabir states this is not your workplace & nobody needs your teaching. He states I don’t want to learn friendship goals with you.

Amber requests them not to fight. RB requests Amber to think regarding his own baby & marriage, & states your daughter going to locate her own happiness. Kabir requests what’s this misbehavior, why are you interfering in someone’s entire family personal life? RB states atleast I stay you, who’re you?

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She habituated to love you, you got the opportunity, however ran behind different lady. Kabir requests him to shut him. RB requests him to stay far from Nia. Kabir requests him to block his own nonsense.

RB states you could’t fight for yourself (or) Nia & requests him to go. They’ve a fight. Amber states nothing shall break in my house. He holds his own head. Kabir states I’ll break your head & they hold every different’s collar. RB requests why accomplish you care & requests him to go to Swara.

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Kabir states Swara is not my fiancé, I broke up with her as I love Nia. Nia comes there & hears his own love confession.

RB states I desired you to reveal your emotions & states you imparts advice to everybody, however resided silent for your own. He states before coming here, I didn’t really know what’s love & entire family. He states my 1st experience of entire family is this.

He imparts tickets in Nia’s hands & requests her to take a call for herself. He states you’ve understood regarding everybody’s want, as of now it’s time for you to think regarding your want & you shall think regarding yourself.

Nia requests what accomplish you mean? RB informs that she’s a take a call & hopes that she’ll take a right call. Kabir looks in Nia sadly. Nia goes to the room.

Guneet follows her & requests did you hear what Kabir stated? She states right love is now in your destiny. Nia cries & shows the Newyork ticket. Nia informs that Wenet’s CEO 2 yrs. training.She informs that she got the opportunity again, however don’t really know what to accomplish.

She informs that whenever she imagines that she’s love in her destiny & whenever she feels that everything going to be okay between Kabir & her, afterwards something gets destroyed.

Guneet states may be God is taking test of both of you. Nia states this is the sign that Kabir & I could’t be together. Guneet states it’s a great information & requests her to reveal her love to Kabir 1st.

Nia states what shall I tell you? That she loves him & requests him to await for 2 yrs.. Guneet states you shall tell him & informs that you both continue to love every different, although numerous citizens had come in both of your lives & went. She informs that she could’t watch her like this & feels bad. Nia requests why are you crying? Guneet states this is hormone impact.

Nia states just how to tell him that I love him & afterwards this NY had come. Amber requests what’s NY? Nia states we have been speaking regarding NY, it’s all great.

Amber requests what regarding NY & requests in case she’s thinking to go there. Nia states no. Amber requests afterwards Guneet is thinking to go there, in this condition.

Guneet states baby moon. Amber states I won’t let Nia go to NY & could’t let Guneet go out of home. Guneet requests him to listen & takes him to room. She comes return to Nia & informs that your dad problems us a lot.

Nia requests her not to tell anything to Dad. Guneet requests Nia to lie down on the bed & sleep, so that she gain new ideas within the in the morning. Nia lies down on the bed. Amber requests Guneet what’s going on in his own home.

what’s the scheduling? Guneet requests what accomplish you think that we accomplish conspiracy over you & requests him not to think much else his own hairs going to becomes extra white.

Amber requests her to sit & not to accomplish any work. He requests her what has been going on? Guneet states Nia is hesitant to reveal her emotions to Kabir.

Amber requests why is she interfering & states let them be. Guneet states you’re a dad & shall accomplish something, in case you don’t accomplish afterwards I’ll accomplish. Amber imagines he’s to accomplish something.Nia wakes up & recalls Kabir’s love confession that he’s break up with Swara as he loves Nia.

She comes out & requests regarding Dad. Guneet states don’t really know, he went somewhere. Kabir wakes up hearing the door bell & opens the door. Amber is in the door. Kabir states you’re here as of now & requests in case everything is okay. He requests him to come inside. Amber requests in case Shri is in house.

Kabir states no. Amber informs that he took sweets for him, got the shop open & purchased it. He afterwards states sweets are old & informs that he had come to talk to him regarding his own daughter’s alliance. Kabir states this could’t be possible as Nia doesn’t love me. Amber states Nia loves you so much.

Kajal requests Nia to go & talk to Kabir. Kabir states I need Nia to tell me this & states she didn’t even make a phone call to me, she’d have informed when I informed everybody regarding my love for her. Nia sends Kajal to see Kabir & watch in case he’s okay. Amber requests Kabir, just how much he knows Nia.

Kabir states Nia don’t feel shy. Amber informs that each lady feels shy & informs that he took proposal on Nia’s behalf & requests in case he’ll love Nia & going to accept her. Kabir states you talked to me so gently today. Kabir states I could’t accept this. Amber informs that Guneet going to problem him in case he goes without his own sanction.

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First episode date: 11 November 2019
Production location: Mumbai, India
Number of episodes: 149
Directed by: Anshuman Kishore Singh, Rakesh Kumar, Varun Badola
Networks: Sony Entertainment Television, Viacom 18

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Mere Dad Ki Dulhan Cast

  • Varun Badola
  • Anjali Tatrari

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