Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 30th October 2024 Written Episode Update: Twist…

Today’s Written Episode: Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 30th October 2024 Daily Episode Starts With The series starts with Gunit coming into the room wearing a sari & drying her wet hair ahead of a mirror. Old songs are playing on the radio.

Amber arrives the room & looks in Guneet. Suddenly on the radio RJ Jhanvi hears a sms regarding just how he desires to confess his own love. Amber leaves. Gunith looks down.

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Amber comes out of the washroom & turns on the radio again, playing an apology sms from RJ Guneet. The 2nd 1 gets up & stands ahead of him & states in case he begins her wars it won’t work.

He informs her to be her spouse. Guneet suggests signing a deal: she wars some of the battles & he fights with remaining.

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Amber holds her hand, & with her hand she could watch that she’s suffered a lot from citizens & states he desires to apologize on behalf of all of them.

He apologizes to the person who pulled her braid in educational institution, to the person who broke her heart first time, to Mehra, to Pammy’s derision, & specially to his own stupidity. Guneet has reached down.

Gunit moves far away & Amber moves next to her. She sits down & Amber sits beside him. They hold every different’s hands & afterwards Gunneet puts her head on Amber’s shoulder. They go to bed.

The next in the morning, Kabir requests Sri whether he’ll come to the party tonight. He replies that Swara going to murder him in case he doesn’t. Mr. requests regarding the information of the engagement.

Kabir requests to pay attention to the gathering. He requests in case it’s regarding their own promotion however clarifies the idea that the market is in a loss. Kabir states the market is not going well however Wenat is doing relatively well so it may be regarding promotion.

They go to the gathering room where majority of the firm gathers. Rishi gets there. Mr. requests what’s going on there. Kabir replies that he doesn’t really know & sees Rishi speaking to the boss of the firm.

The latter invites Rishi to make a special announcement. Rishi states he met them all throughout training & there is only 1 thing that hasn’t turned within the globe & that is that it shifts itself.

They say a big alter is going to happen in this firm & they hope they’ll accept it. He announces that his own firm is obtaining Venet & requests him not to worry as he continues his own work however there is only a alter within the Mgmt of the firm as there is a new CEO.

Rishi shows up in the door & states the new CEO is coming here. Kabir & everybody look in the door. He’s stunned to watch Nia walking far away. Rishi presents Nia as Viat’s new CEO Kabir recalled that Nia had proposed a big break for him. Rishi congratulated Nia. As everybody shakes hands with her, Kabir looks in her from that corner. “Shayad” plays.

Kabir picks up his own bag & moves far away. Nia goes to him & stops him. Kabir congratulates her & calls her boss. Nia apologizes. Kabir states he understands she can’t tell him before the officer announcement. Rishi looks in them. Kabir states he imagines they’re getting far away.

Nia states it’s due to him however Kabir states it’s due to them. Nia requests what the occasion is to gain together. He leaves & states he’s a job.

Within the in the evening, Nia approaches Kabir & Swara’s party. She goes to Swara & praises the system. Rishiu comes to the party. Kabir & Swara go to greet them.

Swara calls him the boss & imagines he invited them there as friends & not the boss so he requests them to call him Rishi. Swara agrees & requests what he desires to have. Rishi looks in Nia & informs her to take whatever she desires.

Kabir sets out to walk towards Nia however Rishi goes to her 1st & requests in case she could loan her friend to Kajal for a moment. Kajal leaves. Kabir looks in Rishi & Nia. Rishi apologizes for creating her feel uncomfortable. They say there is nothing like it.

Rishi states that in case the elder Sharma has been aware of his own emotions he’d have run behind him with a sword.

Nia laughs. She states she’s not uncomfortable however wonders in case someone like him might like her. Rishi states anybody could like her. He requests her to smile. She states she’s okay. Kabir looks in him sadly.

Guneet & Amber gain there. Amber desires to hold her hand however she rejects. Guneet goes to talk to remaining. Kajal has disclosed that Nishi is the new CEO from Rishi taken over Venus & appointed Nia as the CEO. Guneet gets the pleasure of hearing it & goes to Amber telling it to him. He’s quite happy & states that Nia is proud of her.

Awhile Gunit, Amber, Nia & Rishi laugh & talk, Kabir & Sri look in them. Mr states it’s the proper entire family & they look nice together.

He specified that he has been speaking regarding Guneth & Amber. Kabir recalls that Nia informed him that she has been just her friend & she didn’t like him. Kabir takes Nia to the phase & announces their own engagement. They hug. Nia looks down.

Live Telecast Days: Monday To Saturday

Ongoing Updates: 30th October 2024 / (30-10-2020)

First episode date: 11 November 2019
Production location: Mumbai, India
Number of episodes: 149
Directed by: Anshuman Kishore Singh, Rakesh Kumar, Varun Badola
Networks: Sony Entertainment Television, Viacom 18

Episode Timings On TV:
All times are in IST (India Standard Time).
SET: 10:30 pm (IST)
SET HD:10:30 pm (IST)
SET HD: 6:10 am, 10:30 pm
SET: 6:10 am, 10:30 pm

Mere Dad Ki Dulhan Cast

  • Varun Badola
  • Anjali Tatrari

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