Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 4th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Twist…

Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 4 December 2023 Written Episode, Read Today’s (4-12-2020) Full Written Update.

Today’s Written Episode: Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 4th December 2023 Daily Episode Starts With doctor telling Pammi that she’s going to becomes grandmother.

Pammi gets happy & hugs Guneet. She requests why she’s crying. Doctor states that it’s regular in pregnancy due to hormones. Pammi states that they really know everything regarding hormones due to her spouse. Doctor leaves.

Guneet informs Pammi that she never imagined this would happen awhile Pammi has been sure that she’s all the time being sure she’ll be a nice mom & is worried regarding Amber.

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Guneet requests her not to tell anything to him from she’ll tell Niya 1st & she’ll keep records. On the different hand, Shri requests Kabir to go to tell Niya that he loves her too. He demands however Kabir desires to think a lot before informing anything. He scolds himself for rushing decisions in love & moving on with Swara in place of awaiting for Niya.

He wonders in case he’s gone mental. Shri states that it happens in love. He sums that both him & Niya love every different so they must reveal & he also suggests him to break up with Swara who’s mature so she’ll know. He requests Kabir to choose between Niya & Swara.

Thereafter, Pammi grabs a box with lots of toys however slips. Amber comes & pulls her leg informing that she’s leaped to childhood & requests in case it’s her age to play with such toys. Pammi informs him that these are Guneet’s toys. She shows a toy to Amber & states that it’ll be fun.

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She states that it’s nice when children are within the home & sums that citizens previously didn’t care regarding kids so much however as of now it’s turned. Amber requests whether he must call neighborhood’s kids. She requests him to play with the toy. Amber states that they must play together.

On the different hand, Kabir sees Niya functioning till late in workplace & arrives. He requests in case he must support however she replies that she’ll manage. Kabir requests why she’s so upset. She answers that it’s her personal issue & she doesn’t need to distribute it. Kabir requests whether she’s made new rule of not telling personal matters to her finest friend.

He reminds her that they assured not to let anything impact their own friendship however he guesses things alter. Niya doesn’t say anything however from Kabir doesn’t move, she discloses him that Guneet & Amber provided a swaymvar party for her. Kabir begins laughing detecting it funny & requests in case he identified anybody.

Niya laughs & states that weird citizens have been named. Kabir states that it’s a sweet gesture from they have been thinking regarding her only. Niya cracks a joke. Kabir & Niya laugh together & exchange hi-five. He stares in her. Simultaneously, Guneet approaches Niya’s firm & meets Swara who offers to take her to Niya’s new cabin.

They’re surprised to watch Kabir & Niya together. Guneet requests Kabir in case he works there too. Kabir replies that he works in the other cabin. Guneet states that he should be there & suggests her to stand on his own call. Kabir states that he has been there for a work & that’s finished. He sees Swara crying & tries stopping her however she leaves.

Niya leaves too. Guneet states that she’s made cupcakes however she doesn’t block. Guneet & Niya approach house. Guneet states that she desires everything to gain solved between them. Niya states that what she stated to Kabir has been unfair. Guneet replies that she’s with her dad in this issue & she desires Kabir to leave from her personal life.

Niya states that it’s her personal life & requests her to let her live her personal life as per herself. After Niya leaves, Pammi & Amber come there addressing. Amber states that Pammi is constantly speaking regarding child & his own days to play with children are gone. Guneet is left sad.

Kabir & Niya think regarding every different. “Lae dooba” plays. They call every different. Swara comes & Kabir cuts the call. Swara leaves. Niya cuts the call too. Kabir tries functioning on laptop however afterwards maintains it far away & lies on bed. He looks in Swara. Niya maintains looking in her phone. Swara pretends to sleep however she’s awake.

Niya locates Rishi in the door. He arrives the room & requests what happened. He states that she could not disclose her however there is just 1 resolution to all her issues. He grabs a little miniature of statue of liberty & states that she must discuss this as her issues. He backs off & afterwards states that in case she gets far from issues afterwards she’ll watch them as small.

Within the in the evening, Pammi requests Guneet in case she’s talked with Amber. Awhile they’re speaking, Amber comes there & they block. He looks in them suspiciously. Pammi leaves. Amber requests Guneet in case she desires to talk. She replies yes. On the different hand.

Rishi imparts Niya that she’s 2 options: she could head Venut in India(In) (or) go to India(In) for a global extension course. He suggests Niya to think well before taking any call. She requests in case he’s trying to locate a benefit in her decisions. Rishi repeats that he maintains his own personal & professional personal life separated however she isn’t totally unfair.

He’ll gain to spend time with her & there is no bigger benefit. He imparts her advice to never follow recipe in personal life & cooking & afterwards admits that he likes her so why she shouldn’t keep trying. Niya requests whether he’ll keep trying. Rishi states that he’ll continue till he doesn’t know that what he desires is impossible to gain. He requests Niya for a date after that she could go return to RV sir from Rishi in case she feels weird. Niya accepts. Niya eats & a little meal is left near her lip. Rishi cleans it. They distribute eye lock.

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Ongoing Updates: 4th December 2023 / (4-12-2020)

First episode date: 11 November 2019
Production location: Mumbai, India
Number of episodes: 149
Directed by: Anshuman Kishore Singh, Rakesh Kumar, Varun Badola
Networks: Sony Entertainment Television, Viacom 18

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Mere Dad Ki Dulhan Cast

  • Varun Badola
  • Anjali Tatrari

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