Common Misconceptions People Have About Online Dating

Thanks to technology, we can communicate with different people around the world every day. Today, this is a very easy task for people and meeting online is a part of everyday life. It is an opportunity to find the love of your life with just one click of a button or by swiping to the right. This way of getting to know each other has become very popular. Despite the brilliant innovations, there are misconceptions that can create the wrong image about online dating.

1. Lies


Many people have a misconception about online dating, and one of the reasons is this myth. In their case, online dating is a website used by very bad people. Such people are dishonest and mostly lie while trying to take advantage of the honesty of other individuals. Thus, they are automatically placed in the position of a victim like unfortunate singles. This kind of thinking is wrong for several reasons. First of all, online dating is used by a lot of people. We cannot put them in one category, because as in the real world, they are all different.

This means that you will often come across good, interesting, smart and communicative people. However, there are chances that you will meet the worse ones who will try to lie to you. People will always lie, whether they are online or in some social situation. If you don’t know how to recognize them in the real world, you won’t succeed online either. Don’t miss out on the many benefits these platforms offer because of the group performance. Remember that the most important thing is that you will really trust a person only when you meet him in person and start developing relationships, until then have fun.

2. Everyone is desperate


Online dating platforms are available to everyone. They are used by people who want to communicate with other people or strangers, and each of them has different motives. For example, someone is there solely for friendship while someone else is looking for a life partner. There are people who are looking exclusively for fun, but there are also those who want to talk and develop emotional connections. However, this network is very popular and is not just the last resort for desperate people who cannot have a live meeting.

It is true that you can meet various profiles there, some of them are desperate, but many are happy and fulfilled. Many successful couples have emerged thanks to these platforms. Research also shows that most people on these platforms are employed or of higher socioeconomic status, and we will agree that these are not traits of the desperate. This leads us to the conclusion that people generally do not have enough time to go out and thus get to know their partners.

3. Relationships are doomed


People often have a misconception about the connections they start online. They would be doomed, labeled as frivolous relationships and the like. If you think about it a little better, you will realize that such relationships can be much more serious than those that arise in real life. The reason is the long conversations that take place, because that is the only way you can find out something about the other side. Of course, there are plenty of ways you can have a conversation today. However, people learn a lot more about each other because they focus exclusively on correspondence.

This means that nothing else can distract them while in face-to-face communication it can happen. Relationships can very often remain superficial when you have sex earlier. Statistics show that such marriages are very successful, and many more successful than couples who met online. This means that the long-term success of the connections that started on the Internet is possible.

4. Too much work


Not only are there a number of platforms you can take advantage of but also plenty of features to help you get to know other people even better. For example, each platform has an algorithm that will connect compatible personalities. There are even sites like where AI is involved in finding perfect match. If you are someone who is dominant, you will probably not be connected to a person who has the same trait. However, things like this do not play a major role.

The success of a relationship depends on several factors. Either way, online dating will take you a little time and bring you a lot of benefits. In that case, you will not have to leave the house and meet new people in person. Although you will meet a lot of people this way and it will seem like you have a lot of work to do, that is not the case. This is still much easier than meeting in real life, because you will understand much faster whether you are talking to a person with whom you share common interests. This means that you will end the conversation with her faster and switch to another person. Live, you would probably be embarrassed to abruptly cut off communication with someone who doesn’t suit you, which means you won’t waste time online.

5. It is not safe


Blind dating can be risky, but not when you do it online. Today, there are many ways you can check if the person you are corresponding with is suspicious. If you do not share personal information with her before that, there is no need to fear for your safety. She can’t endanger you because she knows nothing about you. As long as you act responsibly, you cannot have negative consequences.

To keep you safe, let your family or friends know about your acquaintances. You can also tell a family member that you are planning a meeting with a potential love partner. This way you will be maximally protected. Of course, when choosing your first meeting, try to find a place that is in a visible and public space. Do not go home immediately with a person you have just met and follow other precautions.


So, online dating is much safer than traditional dating. It is an opportunity to shine if you are a more shy person by nature. You also don’t have to worry about your safety, because no one online can harm you. In addition, it has never been easier to reach a person who has the same interests as you.