Modi offers India’s COVID-19 vaccine capacity to ‘all humanity’

Indian PM Narendra Modi has promised in the U.N that his own nation’s vaccine production capability would be made available world-wide to combat COVID-19 crises.

“As the highest vaccine-producing nation of the globe, I need to give 1 extra assurance to the global society today,” Modi stated in a prerecorded speech to the UN Gen. Assembly.

“India(In)’s vaccine production & delivery capability going to be habituated to support all humanity in fighting this crises.”

Modi made the pledge even though India(In) is struggling to include the spread of the infection, that has already contaminated 5.nine mln Indians & left over 93,000 passed countrywide – the third-highest fatality toll within the globe.

Modi stated India(In) has been moving ahead with stage 3 clinical trials – the large-scale trials discussed the gold standard for determining safety & efficacy – & would support all nations enhance their own cold chain & storage capacities for the supply of vaccines.

Modi stated in Aug that India(In) has been prepared to mass-produce COVID-19 vaccines when scientists gave the go-ahead.

UN Secretary-Gen. Antonio Guterres was pushing for a “citizens’s vaccine” that is available & affordable everywhere & expressed worry on Tue. that some of the nations have been “allegedly creating side deals exclusively for their own own populations.”

“Such ‘vaccinationalism’ is not only unfair, it’s self-defeating. None of us is safe till all of us are safe. Everyone knows that,” Guterres informed the Gen. Assembly

Australian PM Scott Morrison informed the Gen. Assembly on Fri.: “Whoever locates the vaccine should distribute it.”

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