Muslims fare worse than SCs and STs on key literacy rates

Hyderabad(Hyd): Echoing similar views as the Sachar Committee’s Record posted in 2006, the Domestic Statistical Workplace (NSO) stated that the Muslims are backward in multiple key literary indicators. The record posted by NSO discloses that the Muslims are on different yardsticks of academic marginalization, as bad as (or) even worse than SCs & STs.

80.six percent of Muslim people are literates, awhile the percentage(%) is only 68.eight amongst ladies. The statistics is the lowest amongst all different religious teams, with Christian people & ladies are the largest literates with 88.two percent & 82.two percent respectively.

The gross attendance ratio (citizens participating a level of education as a proportion of the public of the corresponding age crowd) has been the lowest for Muslims amongst different religious teams too. In the primary level, the GAR for Muslims has been lower than SCs, STs, OBCs, Sikhs, Christians, & Hindus. In the upper primary level, Muslims have been the only society whose GAR has been below 90 percent. In the secondary level, the GAR of 71.nine percent for Muslims has been lower than STs, SCs, & OBCs. Similarly, in the higher secondary level, the GAR has been lowest for Muslims in 48 percent, well below even the 52.eight percent for Dalits.

Muslims also had the largest proportion of teenager who had never enrolled in official education. Regarding 17 percent of Muslim people in this age crowd had never being enrolled for education, that is over for SCs & STs. Similarly, for Muslim females, this ratio has been 21.nine percent.

The Sachar Committee in 2005 highlighted the problem of Indian Muslim inequality in social, economic, & educational domains. The Committee also suggested setting up an Equal Chance Commission to private legal process in fighting discrimination over Muslims.