Naati Pinky Ki Lambi Love Story 6th August 2023 Written Episode Update: Arjun to get Nandu’s custody after 30 days

The Daily episode begins with Imarti telling Seema that she’d gone to mela where circus has been going on, informs that she went into tiger’s cage when he had come & saved her, & got (1) trapped in her trap. She laughs. Seema states interesting & requests Arjun to give his own ID. Arjun states he’ll bring ID from his own car. Seema requests imarti to sit.

Imarti states she could’t sit infront of her spouse. Seema requests regarding her dad’s name. Imarti states Laddo Singh. Asha comes to Nalini. Nalini requests just how is he? Asha states just how he can be, whose spouse has shot him.

Nalini states she wants to meet him. Asha requests accomplish you’ve gun? Nalini comes to the ward & sees Ram sleeping. She touches his own legs & apologizes for shooting in him. Ram gets up & requests her to come near him. He states you’ve saved me from doing unfair & requests her to end the issue right here. He states I’ve to think regarding Lavanya & her marriage. He requests did you take (2) out the yrs. long anger on me, as there has been a opportunity. She states what are you informing? He states there is no sparkle in your bindi, in case you’ve block loving me. Nalini states I love you over my personal life & informs that bindi…Ram laughs & states I really know that you’re with me like a dutiful spouse.

He states I wish I’d have accepted to your sayings throughout Ananya’s issue. He informs that she’s to support him in getting Pinky & Vikas wedded. Arjun comes back. Seema requests what’s your spouse’s dad name. Pinky is regarding to say. Seema stops her & states she wants to really know from him. Pinky coughs & states she’ll drink water. She signs Arjun & Sunny. Sunny states carrying lady…& afterwards informs that they taken her to hospital (3). Pinky signs again. Arjun understands & states laddoo singh. Seema states she’ll bring Nandu.

Nalini comes out. Asha states we both have heard Pinky informing that she’ll sit with Arjun on the mandap. Nalini calls Pinky. Pinky goes out & picks her call. Nalini locates Imarti’s lehenga within the hospital (3) & informs Pinky. Arjun comes out & calls her.

He requests what’s she doing? Imarti makes an excuse & requests him to go inside. She informs Nalini that she had come to Arjun as he has been fighting with Imarti. Arjun presents himself to Imarti & states Pinky may have informed you regarding our real marriage. Imarti cries & states Pinky informed me, I stopped up marrying real marriage & states my bau ji going to murder me in case he comes to really know. Arjun requests why are you crying & requests her to gain up. She signs him to give something to hold on. He shows the scale. She holds the scale & gets up. She states you’re a great person, didn’t touch me. Arjun states we’ll end the relation after getting Nandu. Seema comes back & informs that they’ll gain Nandu after a mo & informs that there have been numerous fraud instances so they’ve to keep them under observation. Arjun requests are you a doctor? He informs that he wants his own daughter back & gets angry.

Imarti takes Arjun out & informs him not to gain angry on Seema. She states Nandu is already worried. Arjun requests just how accomplish you really know? Imarti states Pinky informed me. Seema comes out & informs that Imarti’s mangalsutra has been identified in her cabin. Imarti tries to wear it. Sunny states I’ll make you wear it. Seema states her spouse going to make her wear. Imarti requests Sunny in case she’s Katrina kaif that he wants to play touch me game with her & requests Arjun to make her wear mangalsutra being her spouse. Arjun makes her wear mangalsutra awhile Kalyani takes their own pic from far.

Arjun’s mom sits within the car & checks Kalyani’s sms. She gets stunned to watch Arjun & his own spouse’s pic. Kalyani states you’d stated that marriage won’t happen & I’ll gain Nandu. She requests her to accomplish something. Arjun’s mom books her tickets to Delhi(DL). Arjun & Imarti come within the car. Imarti imagines she’s to go house shortly. Arjun requests where you’ll go & calls Pinky. He locates Imarti’s phone ringing & tasks her to pick the call.

Imarti tries to divert him, however he sees Pinky’s phone with her. Imarti informs that Pinky should have forgotten the phone with her.

He requests her to come to his own home as he needs to talk to her. Asha calls Pinky & requests her to accomplish the work (5) as they’re coming house. Pinky locates trapped between 2 characters & gets tensed.