Naga Bhairavi 13th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Twist

Naga Bhairavi 13 November 2023 Written Episode, Read Today’s (13-11-2020) Full Written Update.

Today’s Written Episode: Naga Bhairavi 12th November 2023 Daily Serial Starts With Phanidra requests what Nagini identified regarding Bhairavi.

Nagini states my question is proved correct because Bhairavi is informing she didn’t really know what happened & I believe her.

Phanidra states culprits never accept their own error & she informed you lie & you believed that lie & creating me believe it.

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Nagini states Bhairavi is not important to her than him. Phanidra states Nagini is trying to safeguard Bhairavi because once she saved her. Nagini states I’m thankful to her however I never forgot my responsibilities & just how going to you think that I lie to you.

Bhairavi stated she’ll really know what happened using someone & I felt she’s informing fact due to her attitude. Phanidra requests her to really know the rest fact too. NagArjun imagines just how he’s dreaming regarding Bhairavi in smile.

He imagines he never saw Bhairavi kinda lady who’s various that’s why I’m not been able to forget her. NagArjun sees Bhairavi call & imagines it’s just his own imagination like before. His own atta had come to room.

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Requests him to participate it after granting him coffee. NagArjun imagines so it’s real & participates the call. He pinches to believe that it’s Bhairavi voice than he states appreciate you for calling me & just how’s everybody.

Bhairavi states everybody is okay so tell me what you need to tell me awhile leaving. NagArjun states I need to tell you what happened on that day. Bhairavi requests him to clarify it. NagArjun clarifies everything regarding that day.

Just how he saved her from Tantrick. Bhairavi immediately cuts call thanking him. NagArjun imagines these ladies going to never answer boys queries, they only want answers. Zarina requests what happened than Bhairavi clarifies them everything.

Veerabhadram comes to them & requests what happened. Bhairavi tell him that she didn’t went to temple in her own senses & it’s happened due to that Tantrick so tell me who’ll accomplish black magic in our region.

Veerabhadram states he’s scared of those citizens & states that he don’t really know anything & requests her to won’t believe it. Bhairavi states some of the citizens are their own so try to identified these people information.

Veerabhadram agrees however scares thinking Bhairavi might captured him. Veerabhadram meets Tantrick & reports him that Bhairavi is getting to really know that you’re the 1 who send her to temple.

Tantrick smiles & requests Veerabhadram to don’t worry informing she didn’t identified its me so stay cool. Veerabhadram states Bhairavi may gain to really know it from someone regarding us than our personal life is over.

Tantrick states it’s great in case she comes here because it’s like she’s coming to our trap so bring Bhairavi to here & tell him some of the schedule. Veerabhadram happily agrees & goes to gain Bhairavi.

NagArjun again gets same dream that Snake is biting him & he wokes up from sleep. Sam & his own Mom goes to his own room & requests what happened to him. NagArjun states he again got the same dream with snake.

Shakuntala states it’s sign of some of the bad in case Snake comes in our dream, you didn’t gain dreams after wearing bracelet however these dreams are coming to you again once you’re coming from Nagavaram.

Sam requests her Mom to relax informing it’s regular dreams. Shakuntala states it’s indicating that he have Pranagandam & she cries for her son. NagArjun ensures her informing nothing going to happen to him. Sam states don’t worry, I’ll make Arjun goes to meet dream analyst than we could really know regarding those dreams.

Live Telecast Days: Saturday

Ongoing Updates: 12th November 2023 / (13-11-2020)

Initial release: 28 February 2014
Director: Paul Factor
Story by: Rupesh Paul
Screenplay: Sherin Catherine
Producers: P Durai Samy, Chintalapudi Vasu

Episode Timings On TV:

All times are in IST (India Standard Time).
Zee Telugu : 7.30 PM (IST)
Zee Telugu HD : 7.30 PM

Naga Bhairavi Cast:

  • Ramya Krishnan
  • Yashmi Gowda
  • Pawon Sae
  • Kalki raja
  • Ashwini

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