NGO and Osmania Hospital saves a life by giving on time service

Hyderabad(Hyd): During this COVID-19 epidemic, there were huge no. of cases over corporate hospitals looting the gullible sufferers. Within the same breadth numerous such private hospitals are taking advantage & charging high for non Coronavirus emergencies also.

On Sat., the city based NGO named Contributing Hand Foundation (HHF) got distress call from a well-wisher, stating that a 26-year-old person from a middle class family (4) whose widowed mom is a Ayah (cleaner) in a hospital (3) landed up with ruptured intestines in a corporate hospital (3) near Mehdipatnam. The hospital (3) afterwards insisted INR two lakhs money to be made payment upfront to take (2) the complaint to the OT (Operation Theater) for an urgency laparotomy surgery.

The attempt of this NGO convinced the hospital (3) to got (1) with a 50 percent that afterwards fallen in deaf ears. Left with no choice HHF in it’s ambulance shifted the patient who has been in serious pain to Osmania Gen. Hospital (3) (OGH). After admission in OGH, the surgeons in OGH reported the NGO that they’ll take (2) up the complaint immediately & all this interrogations have been finished in a short span.

The HHF volunteers who’re deployed in OGH ran about & got (1) all this interrogations finished. The OGH doctors taken up the complaint within the late night about three am in & finished the surgery (Open Colostomy) by seven am. The patient went out of the OT into Post Surgery ward half an hour thereafter.

This led to saving a personal life of a young person & amount that otherwise the old widow would’ve borrowed to pay the corporate hospital (3) sharks & land in debts & poverty.

“We’re proud of our greatly committed workforce who stood by this patient the whole night & we’re equally proud of OGH doctors who did a amid night urgency surgery to safeguard a personal life,” stated the NGO volunteers.