Nick Mera Net Worth 2024


We all turn to music to pass our time or to cheer ourselves up. Did you know that the music industry is continuously growing? Well, that fact is true. As per the latest data available, the music industry in the United States of America rose to $12.15 billion in 2024 and witnessed a growth rate of 9.2%.

But all that glitters is not gold. It takes guts to survive in the market and here is one such artist who has been doing it since a very young age. Continue reading to know unbelievable facts about this amazing personality.

About Nick Mera

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He is the joint owner of Internet Money, a music production company, with Taz Taylor. He is just twenty years young and hails from Richmond, a city in Virginia.

He inaugurated his label in 2017 to extend the support to other music producers who were looking to make it big in the industry. Along with promoting other producers, he also helped in the beat production service for other artists.

Early Life And Family

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His legal date of birth is August 25, 2000. His name during childhood was Nickolas Warren Mira. He started playing musical instruments when he was just six years old. He developed a keen interest in producing beats when he was just 13 years old. His first instrument was a guitar. He played it when he was six years old. He learned to play two more musical instruments: keyboard & piano when he turned 13.

As an artist, he is a very secretive personality in the music industry. He has never revealed any detail about his family, friends, and love interest. He is one of the most disciplined and dedicated artists in the world.

Career And Major Milestones

He achieved his first milestone after producing music for various artists.

His success also includes getting “Lucid Dreams” to rank number two and selling more than fourteen million copies of it. It ranked at the second position on the “US Billboard Hot 100”. It was also certified by RIAA under the category of 5-times platinum.

He has also co-written and produced 8 songs in 2018. These songs went on to become huge hits in the market. The songs belonged to two different albums namely, Goodbye & Good Riddance, and Death Race for Love.

A Few Things You Didn’t Know About Nick Mera

Here are a few interesting facts about him:

He started his music journey on YouTube & SoundCloud in 2016. His first-ever collaboration was with Taz Taylor and DT.

Even as a secretive artist, he always claims openly about his limited knowledge to sell music.

He once proved an accusation of plagiarising music by demonstrating his entire production process.

Net Worth

His net worth has been estimated to be two hundred thousand dollars. He generates his earnings majorly from producing beats. The secondary source of earning is two major platforms namely, YouTube, and Social Media where he generates revenue by way of running advertisements.