No adverts for Hinduvata groups at Times Square by NASDAQ

NY: An association of Muslim teams within the United States America had declared that NASDAQ— a top advertising firm Branded Cities that runs the digital advertisement board in Times Square have “denied to run digital advertisements”

for right-wing Hindu teams who scheduled display pictures of lord Ram on billboards in Times Square.

Meantime, Multiple Muslim teams have come together within the US as a coalition to foster the cause of Babri Masjid.

The coalition comprises of   Indian Minorities Advocacy Network- ImanNet, Justice for All, Coalition of Americans for Pluralism in India(In)  CAPI, North American Indian Muslim Association NAIMA, Islamic Circle of North America -Social Justice ICNASJ &  The Intl. Community for Peace & Justice.

The right-wing sections of the Indian diaspora have hired the advertising space in Times Square to display pictures of Lord Ram & 3D photos of the upcoming Ram temple in Ayodhya to mark the occasion of ground-breaking that going to take (2) place within the presence of PM Narendra Modi.

As per an announcement put out by this coalition, Dennis Levine of Branded Cities affirmed the call to not operate the advertisements.

The firm  “also reassured that Branded Cities & Nasdaq oppose the demolition of Babari Masjid & going to never permit any supremacist teams to run their own advertisements”.

In 1992, a Hindutva mob commanded by chiefs of political parties descended on Ayodhya & demolished a grand Mughal-era mosque in broad daylight as the govt has been charged of being complicit in offering security to the mosque.

The right-wing enforces resorted to mob justice in spite of the mosque-temple dispute being fought within the legal court. The demolition of the mosque triggered a wave of anti-Muslim violence across towns & cities of India(In).

After nearly 3 decades, in Nov 2019, the Supreme Court of India(In) moved a landmark verdict within the long-standing Babri Masjid title suit, clarifying the way for the building of a temple in the website.

Dr Sk Ubaid, the President of ImanNet named this “a nice victory for pluralism, person rights & rule of law”.

The announcement said that ImanNet was urging putting stress on the mayor of NY, the City Council of NY, the governor, senators & members of Home of Representatives to block the right-wing Hindu teams from advertising on Times Square billboards.

Dr Ubaid talked regarding the implications of the raise of right-wing Hindu ideology within the US.  He stated that the advertisement controversy imparts them an chance to educate influential Americans regarding India(In)’s  RSS & it’s fronts like the VHP & BajrangDal.

The announcement published the contact info of the city authorities urging the citizens to approach to them for action over the advertisement.

Aside from this coalition, Indian American Muslim Council declared that they’ll be holding a press Meet to

protestTimes Square celebration of Ram Temple event to be conducted in Ayodhya India(In) on Aug 5.

Previously South Asia Solidarity Initiative (SASI), a NY-based political collective of volunteers.

declared that it’ll hold a interruption dissent over the showcasing of Hindu deity, Lord Ram pictures on Times Square billboards.