No Deposit Credits vs No Deposit Free Spins: Which Are Better to Win Real Money?

We all love no deposit bonuses because they’re just such terrific deals – who would say no to free money/spins in exchange for simply signing up at casino? Signing up doesn’t cost anything and it only takes a minute or two. With a no deposit bonus, a player can play real money games without any risk of loss while still enjoying the possibility of potentially winning real money too.

Furthermore, a no deposit bonus is a great way for a new player to get a first-hand taste of a casino and decide whether it is a good fit for him/her.

For the casino, a no deposit bonus is highly effective in new players and getting them to sign up. This in turn helps a casino grow its user base and therefore its revenue.

If you take a look at some of the no deposit bonuses being offered across the online casino industry today, you will see that there are two primary categories of no deposit bonuses:

1. No deposit free spins
2. No deposit free cash

If you’re wondering which type of no deposit bonus is better for you to make real money, then this article is the perfect read for you. Here, we talk about how to choose your no deposit bonus with the intention of maximizing your profits.

The term ‘no deposit’ is probably already a tempting offer in and of itself. But obviously, as a player, we understand you want more than just a ‘good’ offer. You want the best offer around. And we don’t blame you! That’s why there are various affiliate sites available – where players are able to filter out some of the hottest offers around. We’ve done our fair share of research and found that NoDepositDaily is definitely a site where you can win real money with no deposit bonuses.

No Deposit Free Spins


What are no deposit free spins and how do they work? Free spin bonuses, as the name implies, provide players with a handful of free spins that are usable on slots, progressives, or even video slots.

These incentives are frequently provided to new members who successfully register for a new account or as a bonus on top of other bonus promotions. A majority of free spin bonuses are put directly into players’ accounts and are generally tied to a specific slot game or group of slot games that they may be played on. These spins are only valid for a specific time period and will expire if not used within the given timeframe.

While some free spin bonuses require the player to enter a bonus code to claim them, most free spin bonuses are issued automatically after the player signs up for an account. As we mentioned, free spins, by the nature of how they work can only be used on reel-based slot games. To understand which slot games you can use your free spins on, it is important to read the terms and conditions where the eligible slot/s is specified. Now, you can load up the slot game and the free spins are at your disposal. If you have ten free spins, it entails that you can play 10 rounds of the slot for free. If you win money during these ten rounds, the money is added to your bonus balance and can be used to either play further or cash out (upon meeting the wagering requirements).

No Deposit Free Cash


A no deposit free cash bonus is very similar to the no deposit free spins described above. Upon signing up for an account, you are issued the bonus. However, instead of receiving a bunch of free spins you get some free casino cash instead. Usually, the amount of cash ranges for $10-$50, but in some cases can go up to or beyond $100.

You cannot withdraw this cash since it is added to your bonus balance. However, you can use this cash to play casino games of your choice (and as allowed by the terms and conditions) without having to spend your own money.

So, Which is Better?


Unfortunately, it would be dishonest to make a blanket statement and say that one type is better than the other. What we can say, however, is that if you are not looking to play slots, then the no deposit free cash bonus is a better option for you since it allows you to play other types of games too.

Instead of comparing two categories of bonuses, it would be more objective to compare two specific bonuses and see which one is more valuable. What you should really take into account when comparing bonuses are the terms and conditions associated with the offers, particularly, the wagering requirements and the max cashout limit.

A bonus of high value will have low wagering requirements and a high max cashout limit. This means that in order to withdraw your bonus winnings, you don’t have to wager endlessly and the cap on how much bonus winnings you can withdraw is pretty high – allowing for you to actually make a sizable profit.