‘No more fire and fury’: Group aimed at ousting Trump rallies in Philadelphia

Over 100 citizens dissenting the Trump administration rallied outdoor Independence Hall on Sat., part of 2 dozen scheduled actions in cities around the nation.

The crowd Rejects Fascism organised the events, & named for 60 days of nonviolent rallies till the election with cries of “Trump-Pence Out As of now!”

“There could be no extra fire & fury from that mouth of a demented bully with its finger on the nuclear trigger,” stated organiser Sam Goldman. “We reject to accept a fascist America.”

The event, awhile much smaller than rallies in help of the Movement for Black Lives previously this summer, drew a diverse cross-section of participants from racial, social, & environmental justice companies across the area, like Delco Resist, Montco Activists United, & the Brandywine Peace Society.

Numerous mentioned a variety of topics where they disagree with the current administration’s policies, from immigration to the environment, however stuck with the underlying sms.

“I’m here on behalf of the Trump backlash,” stated attendee John Brenes, who lives in North-east Philadelphia. “I’ll march with anybody who opposes Trump.”

The dissent had come late on the same day that hundreds of pro-Trump boaters taken to the Jersey Shore for a floating parade that also has been invoiced as supporting police & law enforcement.

After speeches & poetry in Old City, the anti-Trump crowd marched behind a truck with a loudspeaker using Centre City, calling on outdoor diners on Walnut Street within the Gayborhood to vote.

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