Oliver Tree Net Worth 2022


Oliver tree is a name synonymous with a multi-talented person, from singing to filmmaking he has done it all. His career began in the year 2011 and since then he has been showing his talent and gaining a considerable amount of money.

He Is also a scooter enthusiast which is not known by many people and several such facts are listed down below along with details about his early life, family, and most importantly his net worth.

About Oliver Tree

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Oliver is a person with many occupations, musician, rapper, singer, even a songwriter, and along with all that he is also into the field of comedy. With his career in the music industry and as a comedian, he is also into the part of film making and he has also produced several movies.

He started working hard during early childhood and today his efforts have paid off and he is successful in every occupation and profession he is part of. Beautifully manages all office jobs with complete passion and fineness.

Early Life And Family

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This super talented person was born on the 29th of June in the year 1993. He took birth as well as grew up in California, some sources tell us that he was just three years old when he started songwriting and took piano lessons. At the age of 6 only he successfully wrote a whole album on his own. He has shown a keen interest in music since the very beginning and in his teenage years, he focused on high school and taking internships to learn more about music. During the same time here he was also trying to become a DJ and recording with a group called mindfuck.

Talking about his education aspect, after high school he went to San Francisco State University and studied music technology at the California Institute of the arts.

His Career And Major Milestones

During the early years of his career, he performed at festivals and other occasions to help kick start his career. And when he was just 18 he was signed to a London-based record company and then he released his debut EP demons. His first song itself got recognition from various famous platforms including Radiohead.

Initially, in the year 2010, he used to release his music on his own as an individual before signing with RandS records. But he didn’t find himself on point yet and that is when he decided to go to the California Institute of arts. Later he came back to the music industry and resumed his music career by performing on television.

Soon after that, he released his most famous song when I’m down and it is a super hit even today.

A Few Things You Didn’t Know About Oliver Tree

  • He has received several awards for his music.
  • He is blooming in all of his careers, especially as a singer and songwriter.
  • Even after he said he has taken retirement he released another song called out of ordinary.

Net Worth

His current net worth is estimated to be 3.19 million dollars, he has several sources of income including his career as a comedian and filmmaker. His major source is his career in the music industry.