The Ultimate Guide To Organizing Outdoor Game Tournaments

Outdoor games have always been a cherished pastime, ideal for uniting families and communities. Be it a local meet-up, a business function, or merely a leisurely weekend pursuit with buddies, setting up an outdoor games contest can be an excellent method to foster friendly rivalry and fellowship.

This manual will introduce you to eight well-liked outdoor games from Elakai Outdoor that you can incorporate into your forthcoming tournament.

Bocce Ball

Bocce ball, with roots in Italy, is a classic game that has enticed enthusiasts globally. With its mix of accuracy and tactics, it has emerged as a preferred option for outdoor games contests. To set up an exciting bocce ball competition, all you require is a large, level space and a comprehensive bocce ball kit.

The game features two teams vying against each other, striving to adeptly throw their balls and achieve the nearest distance to the elusive ‘pallino’, the petite ball that acts as the goal. Brace yourself for unlimited enjoyment and amiable rivalry with this intriguing and engaging outdoor game.


Recognized as bean bag toss, Cornhole is a cherished outdoor game that has turned into an essential feature of numerous al fresco activities. The charm of this game lies in its uncomplicated yet captivating rules and apparatus. The aim of this outdoor game is to throw bean bags onto an elevated surface, targeting a strategically positioned hole at the distant end.

As players alternate turns, the suspense escalates, with each player endeavoring to outperform their adversaries. Thanks to its unambiguous scoring system and easily-grasped mechanics, Cornhole is a game that unites individuals across all age groups, fostering enduring memories and instances of amicable rivalry. Whether it’s a lively tailgate bash or a casual backyard barbecue, Cornhole invariably infuses an additional dose of enjoyment and thrill to any social gathering.


Clint Holland (Sandwich)

The enduring allure of outdoor games is beautifully exemplified by croquet, a classic game that has been a source of joy for many over the years. Originating from the 1800s, this refined recreational activity demands players to adeptly use wooden hammers to guide balls through a complex arrangement of arches, or ‘wickets’, situated on a verdant field.

The tactical aspect of croquet, along with its perfect mix of accuracy and subtlety, engages participants across all age groups. Whether indulged in a relaxed setting among friends or during intense competitions, this evergreen game continues to fascinate lovers of outdoor games with its perpetual charm.

Hook & Ring

The game of Hook & Ring provides a compelling mix of accuracy and skill, ensuring countless moments of fun. Its installation and rules are straightforward, inviting players to partake in an exciting showdown. The objective? Swing a ring tied to a string with the goal of seamlessly catching it on a fixed hook.

This seemingly simple yet captivating game stirs up a robust competitive spirit, making it a crucial inclusion in any outdoor games event or social gathering. Prepare to dive into the exhilarating world of Hook & Ring, crafting memorable times and instances of good-natured competition.


Horseshoes is a cherished and enduring outdoor game that serves as an ideal choice for hosting thrilling competitions. This game involves players alternately throwing horseshoes towards stakes securely embedded in the ground, striving to get them as near to the stake as possible to score the highest points.

The appeal of horseshoes is found in its straightforwardness, requiring only a small amount of equipment and area, making it a perfect selection for any outdoor occasion. Rally your loved ones, prepare a horseshoe pit, and revel in the excitement of rivalry and fellowship this captivating and enjoyable game offers.

Paddle Ball

Kadima, also referred to as paddle ball or beac`h tennis, is a thrilling game that can be enjoyed in outdoor settings. It’s traditionally played on sandy shores but can be conveniently adjusted for green spaces, making it a flexible and approachable game for diverse locations. This high-energy, thrilling outdoor game requires two participants to use their wooden rackets to keep a small rubber sphere in play, challenging their coordination and nimbleness.

Paddle ball serves as an engaging and entertaining outdoor game, offering an excellent chance to maintain physical fitness during your outdoor games event. So, it’s time to pick up those rackets, call over your friends, and immerse yourself in the excitement of this dynamic game that merges aspects of physical prowess, rivalry, and sheer delight.

Ring Toss


The evergreen and flexible game of ring toss is not only simple to arrange but also suitable for participants regardless of their age. The goal of this outdoor game is to accurately throw rings onto pegs or stakes, challenging your precision and coordination skills.

Whether you opt for buying a ring toss set or decide to customize one yourself, incorporating a personal touch to your outdoor games event will definitely enhance the enjoyment and thrill for all attendees. So, invite your loved ones and prepare to indulge in countless hours of amusement, healthy rivalry, and memorable moments with this ageless game.

Lawn Bowling

Ultimately, outdoor games like lawn bowling provide a charming and enthralling skill-based activity with a more laid-back rhythm, ideal for those in pursuit of a calm yet stimulating pastime. This delightful game involves players strategically rolling balls with accuracy, with the goal of getting as near as possible to a tinier target ball.

Whether you’re partaking in an amiable get-together or an exciting competition, lawn bowling presents an excellent platform to demonstrate your skills and partake in the fellowship of other players. So, rally your companions, bask in the sunlight, and dive into the pleasure of lawn bowling.

Embracing the Irresistible Charm of Outdoor Games: Wrapping Up Our Journey

Planning a thrilling outdoor games event is an excellent method to take advantage of the natural surroundings while participating in amiable rivalry. Whether you decide to incorporate one or all of these eight invigorating games, the opportunities for outdoor amusement are limitless. Dive into the excitement of the contest, experience the surge of energy, and forge lasting memories with your loved ones.

Keep in mind, ultimately, the goal isn’t just about winning; it’s about embracing the happiness and laughter that accompany the experience. So, assemble your squad, brace yourselves for a legendary face-off, and anticipate an extraordinary gaming adventure under the open sky and warm sun. Let the outdoor games commence.