Google’s confidential Chrome experiment crashes thousands of browsers

Google’s silent Chrome experiment crashes thousands of browsers and angers IT admins

Google left tens of thousands of machines in companies using Chrome browsers that were broken after having a shift that was experimental. Business users obtaining Chrome stored blocking access, seeing displays on Chrome tabs and rendering it completely unresponsive. It left many IT admins confused over the issue, as companies control and manage upgrades. Following … Read more

Texas education staff face local resistance to Houston ISD board takeover

Texas education officials face local resistance to Houston ISD board takeover

HOUSTON — residents and toddlers of this state’s biggest school district stuffed with meeting at Wheatley High School Thursday to provide a message: They’d favor their school board over one to state education officials. Texas Education Commissioner Mike Morath week announced to create a board of supervisors to run its own schools and he intends … Read more

DOJ inquiring GOP Rep. Ross Spano over alleged campaign-finance violations

DOJ investigating GOP Rep. Ross Spano over alleged campaign-finance violations

The Justice Department is conducting a criminal investigation to Florida GOP Rep. Ross Spano over alleged campaign finance violations. Spano has denied any wrongdoing. The revelation came from the House Ethics Committee, which was requested by DOJ while the investigation evolves to reevaluate its own investigation. Law enforcement agencies are traditionally deferred to by the … Read more

Court keeps the first-come, first-served rule for Seattle renters

Court upholds the first-come, first-served law for Seattle renters

OLYMPIA, Wash. – The Washington state Supreme Court on Thursday declared a Seattle law that needs landlords to market their standards for potential tenants and take the first qualified candidate. The Seattle Times reports the court reversed a determination by a King County judge last year to attack down the first-come, first-served legislation for tenants, … Read more

Toddlers & Infants Eat Too Much Sugar, Say Study

Infants and Toddlers Eat Too Much Sugar, Researchers Say

Utilizing C.D.C. data, researchers found that 98 percent of toddlers and 60 percent of babies have extra sugars in sweetened beverages, baked goods and snacks. Virtually all American toddlers and roughly two-thirds of babies consume additional sugars despite nutritionists’ recommendations which kids prevent the sweetener, as reported by government research released that week. Researchers found … Read more

Education Department probing alleged anti-Semitism at NYU

Education Department probing alleged anti-Semitism at NYU

Attorneys who filed a hostile atmosphere for students along with charges of anti-Semitism have advised the Department of Education had opened full-scale research. In a letter delivered to the lawyers, the Department of Education stated its Office for Civil Rights (OCR) will explore”if, as a consequence of events that happened at the college, a hostile … Read more

Deval Patrick gets into Democratic presidential nomination race

Deval Patrick jumps into Democratic presidential nomination race

Former two-term Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick is jumping into the race for the Democratic presidential nomination. Patrick announced his candidacy for the White House at a movie on social networking and in an email sent to fans early Thursday. “I respect and admire the candidates from the Democratic field that bring a richness of ideas … Read more

NYPD holds database of juveniles’ fingerprints, violating rule

NYPD kept database of juveniles’ fingerprints, violating law

NEW YORK – Until recently, New York City police confidentially maintained fingerprints of kids detained as juveniles on record indefinitely at a division database — an illegal practice which has raised alarms about the spans that the country’s biggest police force has chosen to keep tabs on town’s youth. The defender organization that found the … Read more

CDC report identifies 2 new deadly super bugs

CDC report identifies two new potentially deadly superbugs

The U.S.(United States) Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released a recent report Wednesday cautioning that superbugs that withstand antibiotics have murdered nearly two times as many people as previously believed. Maryann Webb spent three decades from back pain, hooked up to feeding tubes, together with frequent hospitalizations, all due to an out of control … Read more