Peace Deal with UAE is not weapon linked: Israel

Jerusalem: Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu on Tue. stated he’d oppose the sale of sophisticated American F-35 warplanes to the United Arab Emirates, in spite of last week’s historical deal establishing official diplomatic ties between the 2 Mideast countries.

Netanyahu released his own announcement after an Israeli news paper recorded that last week’s US-brokered settlement included language to supply the Arab Gulf country with sophisticated weapons systems.

The Yediot Ahronot daily, citing American & Emirati sources, recorded that Israeli acquiescence had clinched the deal for the Emiratis.

Furthermore, it recorded that Netanyahu had made the deal behind the back of the Israeli defense establishment & kept Defence Minister Benny Gantz & Foreign Minister Gabi Ashkenazi, both previous military chiefs, within the dark regarding it.

In an announcement, Netanyahu’s workplace stated the prime minister has resisted the sale of F-35s & different sophisticated weapons to any nation within the Middle East, involving Arab nations that have peace agreements with Israel.

PM Netanyahu has repeatedly expressed this position to the American administration & it’s not turned, it stated.

The peace settlement with the United Arab Emirates doesn’t contain any reference to arms sales & the U.S. has made it evident that it’ll always take (2) stringent care to retain Israel’s qualitative edge.

The head of the Israeli Mossad intelligence service met with the UAE’s domestic security adviser in Abu Dhabi on Tue., the Emirates’ state-owned WAM press agency recorded.

That the UAE would even publicly acknowledge Mossad chief Yossi Cohen’s check with Sheikh Tahnoun bin Zayed Al Nahyan again shows just how quickly the nations are moving toward opening diplomatic ties. Telephone service between the nations started Sun., 2 days after the announcement.

Still, keeping Israel’s local military supremacy was a hallmark of Israeli policy for decades, & Israel has utilized its close ties with Washington(WA) to make sure that specific advanced weapons aren’t sold to neighboring nations.

The UAE has long being recorded to be interested in obtaining U.S.-made F-35 stealth fighter jets & attack drones like those the Israelis have.

Netanyahu stated Gantz were updated on his own opposition to F-35 sales just weeks back. However in the context of his own different corruption scandals, Netanyahu was charged by critics of bypassing Israel’s defense establishment in regards to a German sale of sophisticated submarines to Egypt.

In security-obsessed Israel, confirmation that military-related strings are attached to the deal can temper some excitement that has popularly surrounded it therefore far.

Gantz seemed to query Netanyahu’s denial in a televised announcement, informing he has been only reported of last week’s blockbuster accord after the truth.

Gantz, who also serves as the variant prime minister & is Netanyahu’s chief coalition partner, is supposed to replace Netanyahu as premier next yr..

Gantz vowed to retain Israel’s qualitative military edge in any cost.

The future & resiliency of Israel depend on 2 measures: striving for peace & demanding, without any compromise, upon keeping our military superiority in each place within the Middle East, he stated.