Political Map Wallpaper Ideas for Your Room Design

Political map wallpapers are made up of several countries, continents, or areas from various periods of time. Besides, these wallpapers have a great educational value, as you can learn about various political events and historical happenings by looking at the map. In fact, many people would like to use political map wallpapers for their office, bedroom, lobby, studio, or even library.

However, you may ask yourselves, which type of political map wallpaper will be the most appropriate for your place, given the fact that you have many available choices. We are going to provide you with some political map wallpaper that can be used for continuous learning, so you can easily make a decision.

Classic Physical World Map

Actually, you can find these globe wallpapers to be one of the most widely applied map wallpapers for teaching environments like classrooms. Moreover, these wallpapers have highly detailed features and can help learners easily get a precise view when necessary, and start to learn new things from it. Thereby, it allows them to enhance what they already know.

Vintage City Wall Map Mural

Source: wallsneedlove.com

It seems everyone in the world has a favorite destination or city stuck in their head. For example, It may be a city where they would like to live, or where they have dreamed about visiting their whole life, or visited, or preparing to visit. No matter the location, it is possible to make a highly detailed image of the city map, which you can print out and use to decorate your room or your office. Vintage wallpaper is sure to inspire epic conversation throughout an interior space, introducing a classic look that will add an element of lifelong beauty to your home.

Historical World Map Wallpapers

In case you are a history lover, you will love this wallpaper. Thanks to these globe wallpapers you can get acquainted with the customs, traditions, and cultures of history. You can make this colored artwork into a splendid wallpaper in your home’s interior. Moreover, wall map murals can serve as a great start to a discussion between people due to the fact that they are full of intriguing stories.

Detailed Gray Oceans World Political Wallpaper

Source: wallpapertip.com

These wall map murals consist of lighter colors throughout the terrains that contrast against the flat grays of the oceans and make up this richly detailed political map of the world. You can find out many maps of the world wallpapers at Wallmur.

Window Map

Have you become a bit bored of gazing through your simple frosted glass window? In that case, we are going to give you an idea! All you need to do is collect some Political World Map Wallpapers and have them applied to your frosted glass window to decorate it in a more eye-catching way. As a matter of fact, it will protect your privacy at the same time as it allows the sunlight to come through. Besides, this will also make you feel comfortable by completely renewing the old appearance of your window into a new aesthetic and stylish one.

World Political Wall Map by Compart Maps

Source: worldmapsonline.com

You can choose to have this blue ocean world map that uses width to height ratio of almost 2:1, making it slightly broader by comparison to other globe wallpapers. In addition, these wall map murals include 16 images of the world’s wonders, along with details of the particular areas on the map.

Flag World Map Wallpaper

You will find these impressive globe wallpapers displaying the cities or countries along with their flags. With this wallpaper, you can satisfy your desire to have educational political map wallpapers for your home design. The reason for this is that you can discover the locations and at the same time identify their flags. This is in fact very interesting and informative.

Executive World Push Pin Travel Map

Source: pinadventures.com

It allows you to easily have the places you’ve been on a pin track or you can plan to go places using only a pin. Indeed, it’s a trendy piece of art to represent your wall displaying your travel locations. You will receive a highly actualized and detailed map in a variety of colors that contain the vibe of the modern era. These wall map murals will fit perfectly in any interior, whether it’s your home, your work office, or your library.


No matter what city or country you are interested in in the world, this allows you to get an ultra-high-resolution satellite picture of precisely that region. Thereafter, you can customize the image with your favorite colors and print it in the size you want. Lastly, just put the map wallpaper in your preferred spot and appreciate the surrounding beauty.

Cultural World Map Wallpaper

Source: wallpapercave.com

The wallpaper of the culture map gives you the opportunity to visualize the cultural beauties and refinements of our world. While demonstrating the significance of the culture preserving harmony and prosperity among two nations or two cultural entities, it also shows the importance of the cultural heritage of the world. Making it very informative. Such type of mural is appropriate for dining rooms, business offices, and even places to eat such as restaurants, as it gives people an additional cultural awareness.

Through this article until now, we have covered many ideas related to political map wallpapers for both education and study purposes. After the concise list, we hope that we have helped you make your choice. Please have in mind there are many additional choices available. However, we suppose that the information we have presented is enough for you to pick the most suitable wallpaper for you. Any of the political map wallpapers listed here have a high level of educational benefit.

Any of the political map wallpapers listed here have a high level of educational benefit. Moreover, they will surely expand your knowledge in the field of world politics and the history of the countries.