Political Map Wallpaper Ideas For Educational And Study

The atlas work during geography was either one of the best things to have or something to dread. It worked as an absolute drudge for most people to have to pay attention to the minor details of rivers, gorges, and many other objects on the Atlas or maps.

Geography is a beautiful subject to learn about as we see that there’s a lot more than just what meets the eye. Apart from familiarising yourself with your state or country, you get to know more about foreign countries as well.

It is essential to know at least the various countries and continents that exist in the world. Learning about all of these is a fundamental thing of information and can be slightly problematic. But just because you have to know about all of it does not mean you probably do.

Moreover, some kids don’t even like the concept of geography and are more porous to subjects like history and literature. So what do you do when you want to educate them about the various continents and water bodies without being forcefully dumped on them?

A simple answer to that is “seeing is believing.” Now, we’re not telling you to take them to all those places, which is just impractical in the short term but showing them something relatable to it in their immediate vicinity can always help.

Visit wallmur to know more about the various map ideas that you can check out. This article will talk about the different wallpaper ideas on the internet that you can adapt to your wall for better learning and study. With that being said, let’s get into this without further ado!

What Is A World Map

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A map is an illustration of an area such as a city, a country or a continent showing its main features. It’s a drawing that gives unique clues about a place. The word map originated from the latin word mappa that means a paper or napkin. Papyrus were the materials the earliest maps of the world were drawn on. The history of mapping can be traced to approximately 5000 years ago.

The Imago mundi is considered the oldest surviving world map. It was found in a town called sipar in Iraq. The sun rises in the east, so stretch out your arms. Your left hand is now pointing east. Right hand is pointing west, and north is at the top and south towards the bottom.

This is the map of the world. North is at the top, south at the bottom, the right is east and the left part is facing west. These are called the cardinal directions. You can easily see which country or continent is in which direction different places are shown with different colors, so we can quickly locate a particular continent. Usually countries are indicated by dots and capitals with a star. There are many types of maps.

Types Of Maps

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Let’s take a look at the primary 5 types of maps that can be made into wallpapers. General reference maps are those which are simplest and easiest to understand. It shows the important and prominent features both natural and artificial, in a territory. For example, a general atlas will show you the various roads, rivers and gorges. It makes use of colors and hues to distinguish between one another. Thematic maps are those that specify one single thing on the map such as the concentration of a specific animal perhaps. It is highly helpful for people to pinpoint a particular thing that they’re looking for. A French Guiana map for example shows the points of vegetation on a particular area or territory.

Political Map Wallpaper Ideas

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A map mural or a beautiful global wallpaper can be made in different parts of a house or a building. One of the most prominent places is the room of a house. But before you set one wallpaper up, it is important to follow the following things. The first step involves scaling the map.

You can ensure that you put up wallpaper by downloading a map online and print it onto a sheet and scale it to the size of the wall. Make sure to not ruin the quality or it beats the purpose altogether. Depending on the size of the wall, decide what kind of map and how big of the one you want it to be.

Paint the water using any desired color mixed with water depending on various earth tones and use any sponges or old clothes to apply different creams and browns on the surface, which is the entire map grid representing the land.

Stencil map: After the paint dries up, use adhesives on that surface. Also, ensure that the edges of the surface are firm and immovable and then use the map grid to transfer the grid onto the surface maintaining accurate scaling, which was earlier made when cutting the paper to match the proportion depending on the wall size or surface.

Cut the stencil after the world map has been outlined, sharp objects such as a razor blade can cut out the continents. Pull off the surface and proceed to paint the continents. Different colors can be used depending on the theme of the entire room or exterior. Trim and hang, After all, has been done, the rough edges on the world map wall art can then be trimmed off and nailed on the surface or framed and hung.


There are various ideas that go for wallpapers that will suit your home or room. We’re not only talking about 2-dimensional maps but we’re also talking about the various other types. There are 3D protruding map wallpapers as well that work skillfully on a certain viewing angle.

There are also LED attachments to highlight a certain place on the wall that you want to at a specific time. The options to customize are endless and should just be seen properly. A little bit of brainstorming and thinking should definitely do the trick.