Press: Only one issue counts in 2022: COVID-19

However there has been something discordant regarding this yr.’s September. 11 remembrance. It has been like a black cloud hanging over the day: the reality of COVID-19. That is not to say 1 is less tragic than the different. However just to put things in perspective: Awhile 2,977 lost their own lives on September. 11, over 1,000 Americans are lost to the COVID-19 EVERY DAY. On September. 10 alone, 1,206 Americans passed away from COVID-19. As of this writing, a stunning 194,000 Americans have passed away from that epidemic — already 66 times as numerous citizens died on September. 11. The CDC projects that 217,000 Americans going to pass away from that disease by October. 3.

& the nice tragedy is: The number of deaths can be a lot lower. They didn’t all have to pass away. Who knows just how numerous tens of large number of lives would were spared in case the federal govt had responded previously & stricter with a schedule to combat epidemic?

Full disclosure: As a previous political operative, I’ve always complained regarding single-issue voters. You’ve to look in where a candidate stands on a whole range of problems, I’d argue. You could’t judge him (or) her on the basis of 1 problem alone.

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