11 Ways to Prevent Scarring After Surgery

After surgery, our body reacts to it early and heals it naturally over a period of time. However, the bigger the wound, the harder it is for it to heal. It also happens that it gets an irregular shape over time, and we end up with a very noticeable scar. Surgery is a very aggressive treatment for our skin, and after that, patients can get cosmetic, physical, or psychological problems.

Fortunately, there are ways you can reduce the appearance of scars after surgery or at least make them less visible. Do not forget about other factors such as age, skin quality, genetics, etc. Because of that, sometimes you can’t expect a flawless appearance of the skin, but you can influence it a lot on your own. Keep reading to learn some effective ways to prevent scarring.

1. Stop consuming cigarettes

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If you have this habit, you better stop it in time. In addition to being bad for your overall health, smoking slows down healing. This way, there is a good chance that your scar will not heal as you expected. How does nicotine actually affect a wound? It is very simple, because it automatically acts on the microcirculation in the wound. In this way, the path to the incision is blocked by nutrients and oxygen.

2. Rest

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Your body needs the energy to function properly. So don’t forget to rest. This mostly refers to a night’s sleep, which is the only real way to avoid exhaustion. If you act accordingly, you will give your body enough sleep or help it heal after the operation.

3. Reduce your diet

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You could probably assume that food is another important factor, because doctors are constantly talking about how important it is to consume the right food. This refers to those ingredients that our body really needs. As you know, proteins are one of them. They will help our skin to heal as quickly and quickly as possible. So don’t forget about regular protein intake if you want to get by without visible scars.

You don’t have to limit yourself to just protein from food. Supplementation is also a great choice. There are supplements like WoundVite that contain a mix of vitamins, minerals, and herbs and have just been made with the goal of faster wound healing as suggested by Devan Patel, Tampa pharmacist.

4. Move carefully

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So, the body is very sensitive after the operation and that is why it is necessary not to make sudden movements. Some of them can endanger your health, but also the process of skin healing. You risk separating the incision and reopening the wound. There are items that will significantly reduce these movements and are used mostly for some time after the surgery.

5. Avoid too much sunlight

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Of course, we mean direct exposure of the wound to sunlight without any kind of protection. If you have to stay outdoors while the sun is strong, cover the cut. This is how you should behave until it heals, because you will be sure that you cannot harm yourself. Since the skin on that part of the body is very sensitive, you will easily get sunburns that can darken the scar. In that case, you can wear clothes over that part of the body or use a suitable sunscreen.

6. Prevent infection

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It is important to keep in mind the possibility of infection at all times. This is often warned by experts, because you can infect the wound faster than you thought. If you are moving, know that every place is a great source of infection for your wound. That is why it is best to stay longer in your home or sterile environments. However, if this problem happens to you, you need to contact a doctor immediately in order to suppress the infection as soon as possible.

7. Be careful when showering

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Bathing can be very strange after surgery when the wound is still fresh. Depending on the location of the wound, it is uncomfortable the first few times until you get used to it. However, the most important thing at that moment is to listen to your doctor’s instructions. A waterproof bandage is usually used during the first few days, weeks, etc. Even if the doctor did not mention it to you, our advice is to avoid bathing the wound or putting on a product such as a shampoo. Until the incision heals, you risk getting an infection. Also, be careful when drying.

8. Try silicone sheets

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This product is noninvasive and is worn after the wound has healed. They have proven to be a successful method of treating hypertrophic scars. There are other silicone products such as gels, sprays and foams. The layer is usually applied all day over the scar, while the gel is applied several times a day.

9. Massage

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Pressure and massage are a great way to improve cosmesis and thus strengthen weakened scar tissue. This is considered to be one of the most effective ways to directly influence that place. It is necessary to apply pressure during the massage, and for that purpose, it is best to use a bandage or tape.

10. Use a cream

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This is another option that you can use to prevent scarring. One of the most famous creams is the one with onion extract, and the great thing is that you don’t need a recipe for it. So, it is enough to apply the popular gel in a thin layer and leave it to act. You will notice the first results very quickly, but you must be persistent for complete recovery. In addition to creams, there are various oils that are also applied,

11. Laser therapy

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This therapy is mainly applied to newly formed scars, because it is then more effective in relation to the treatment of older scars. In that case, you would perform the process of burning and aligning the damaged tissue. The surgical intervention also helps with older and more persistent scars. Then the wound is opened again and the suturing procedure is repeated.


So, whenever you do damage to the body, there is a possibility of scars. The same goes for surgery. No matter how skilled your surgeon is, surgery can result in scarring. Thanks to some great products and our tips, you can stop worrying about it.