6 Pros and Cons of Outsourcing Your Digital Marketing Team

When owning a business, you know how important it is to improve it constantly. Other than improving, having a good marketing plan is essential to go bigger and attract more customers. Also, when clients see your marketing somewhere, they feel somehow proud for using your service.

When it comes to marketing, nowadays it is a better option to go for a digital marketing plan because everyone uses digital devices so it is easier for you to reach them and show offers and special prices. If you don’t know about marketing and especially digital marketing, it is a better option to hire professionals for an outsourcing job to come up with a perfect product that represents your firm well.

Having the freedom of choosing an outsourcing company that fits perfectly with your project is another benefit. You can choose a company either from your country or from a place distant from you. This is beneficial because, in places around the world, the cost of this service can vary so you can get a better deal with a company from another place and pay less for the same job. We made this article to help you decide and see the pros and cons of outsourcing your digital marketing team.

First off, we will start with the pros or the benefits of hiring an outsourcing company.


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Hiring a digital marketing team in your office can be tricky because you don’t know their expertise. You might hire someone that doesn’t know as much as the outsourcing team and you will have to pay him almost the same without getting the same service.
Outsourcing teams for digital marketing are known for their expertise in SEO as suggested by Content’s ME, they have worked on many projects before yours and they know how to work efficiently, and know how to solve problems faster than people that are new to this job. When choosing the outsourcers, you need to look at their previous projects, how they look and how fast they made them because that is a direct indicator of how your project will be done.

Stick to deadlines

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If you plan on hiring a team to work in your firm, not that it is really expensive, but you will need more time in order for them to accommodate, settle down and start working. When hiring an outsourcing team to do your job, they know what to do and they will start immediately. They have many projects behind them and they can solve problems that may come up quicker than people that you may hire to work in your office. You can hire experienced people in your office as well, but they usually are hard to find and require bigger pay.

When you are talking and making a deal with the outsourcing company, you set up a deadline that they need to follow, so you don’t need to worry about them being late since they are professional and they know how important are the time marks that they need to hand over the project. In case they mess up, there are penalties that they have to pay, and that is not worth it for them. Having this time not worrying about the deadlines will help you focus more on improving your business.


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When hiring a team to work in your office you need to think about the cost. Since you have one project, that may take some time to be finished but it is not a forever job and when they finish you can’t just let them go, you will need to pay them for every hour that they sit behind a desk doing almost nothing. Also, you should keep in mind that the hiring process is expensive as well. If you hire someone that is not that experienced, you will need to pay for his training and that is not really worth it for a project that can be done by an outsourcing company.

Hiring an outsourcing company has never been easier. There are many sites that companies like this offer their service so you can choose. When contacting them, you explain what you need and they offer a price because they know how much it will take and how complicated that job is. Also, they are paying a whole team so every criterium is important. However, it is always more cost-effective to hire someone for this project than hiring people to work in your office.

Now it is time to look through the cons of hiring an outsourcing company for your digital marketing project

Having different schedules that may interfere with the project

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Since the outsourcing company is working on other projects as well, you can’t expect that they will be focused solely on your project. If something comes up and you want them to implement in the project, that might be a problem because you had a deal on something other. If you hire a company that is too busy, there is a slight chance that they may not finish the work in time and that may be stressful to you.

Hiring a company without experience

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If you are not carefully choosing the company that will work for you, you might find yourself in a situation where you hired someone to work without having the right knowledge or they may lack experience. This means that if they run up into a problem, they will need more time to solve it and that might delay the finished product. Also, you need to keep in mind that if an inexperienced team works on your project, the project can be of lower quality and your business can suffer.

Not meeting the deadline

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One of the first things when arranging a work like this is to explain their time marks and that they need to finish the job by a certain date. If you hire a team that doesn’t know how to do that job properly or they run into some problems and need more time to adjust they might lose the deadline. This is where the stress will become bigger because you have paid for a job that has not been finished in time. You lose your business timeline and that is no good for your firm.


Hiring an outsourcing team can be better if you want to increase the workflow have a project made faster, with great quality at an affordable price. In order to avoid the cons of this article, you will need to choose a company that has a great reputation and well done past projects so you are sure that they will be capable of doing it for you.