Qurbaan Hua 10th December 2024 Written Episode Update: Twist

Qurbaan Hua 10 December 2024 Written Episode, Read Today’s (10-12-2020) Full Written Update.

Today’s Written Episode: Qurbaan Hua 10th December 2024 Daily Serial Starts With Chahat is stunned by seeing a knife in Dr Baig’s hand awhile he’s delighted to watch her & hugs her. He states that he’ll protect her from Neel however they’re stunned hearing this whole Neel states that he must have well-known the schedule by as of now.

Neel is regarding to express his own love to her however stops & informs her that this has been she amaze he desired to show her.

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He informs her that he’d identified Baig in ashram 2 weeks back however didn’t vent out his own anger on him due to his own condition, Bhopu informs her that Neel taken care of him until this day.

Chahat afterwards remembers regarding the video footage & informs Baig that she’s prayed for his own well being all the time. Dr Baig is regarding to kiss her however she pushes him far & states that she regrets wasting her prayers for him.

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Dr Baig is heartbroken awhile Neel gets stunned & requests Chahat why is she informing this, even though that she’s longed to meet her dad.

She states that her dad has been the 1 who threw molten iron on Neel that day, Neel is confused however Chahat shows him the video footage, that leaves him stunned.

Dr Baig is stunned in all these happenings, Chahat requests him why he did all this, & she states that he’s gone down in her eyes today.

Dr Baig recalls Ghazala telling her that Neel harassments Chahat & demonstrating him Mami hitting Naveli that he imagines to be Chahat, & that he’d thrown that molten iron on Neel to safeguard Chahat from his own clutches.

Chahat requests Baig why he broke her trust, he tries to clarify however Chahat states he’s lost the right to be her dad.

She states that he has been trying to murder Neel because he imagined that he harassments her however the fact is that Neel has saved her personal life countless times. She informs him the challenges Neel had to face due to his own half burnt face & he even lost his own identity.

Neel interferes informing that he’s her dad however she states it’s their own personal issue & not to come in between. Chahat informs Baig that Neel imagines he’s Saraswati’s killer however still he gave her a opportunity afterwards why could’t he give him a opportunity before doing anything.

Chahat informs Baig that Neel kept his own assure however he failed her & expresses her appreciation for Neel’s entire family for accepting her as a daughter & granting her respect.

Chahat breaks down informing that she won’t be able to face Vyas ji after Baig attempted to murder his own son. Neel imparts her some of the water, awhile Chahat informs Baig that Neel is still concerned regarding her even though that he attempted to murder him, she goes to Neel & states that she doesn’t deserve his own love as she’s Baig’s daughter.

She expresses her bad luck that both the citizens whom she loves the most are behind every different’s blood. She blames Neel for converting his own hatred into love even though that their own destinies won’t let them be together ever.

Chahat afterwards turns to Baig & states that he’s to apologize to Vyas ji today & even she’ll tell him that she’s her daughter as she could’t lie to him any extra. She requests Baig to come to Dhyani home & takes him with her awhile Bhopu goes behind them.

Neel imagines regarding all that Chahat stated now awhile Bhopu requests Chahat not to take any unfair call in anger however she doesn’t listen. Bhopu requests Neel to block Chahat from telling Vyas ji the fact & Neel goes to her & makes her leave Baig’s hand.

Neel requests Bhopu to take care of Baig awhile he goes behind Chahat & tries to block her. He informs her that in case she admits the fact afterwards Vyas ji won’t spare her dad, they watch police in Vyas ji’s home & are confused.

Neel requests Vyas ji why has been police here so he informs that there is a terrorist crowd in Dev Prayag & the blast has been also finished by them.

He states that they’ve to take caution as of now as they could be the attacks, Neel informs Chahat that in case she informs Vyas ji regarding Baig afterwards his own name could be linked to the terrorists however Chahat states that she doesn’t care however could’t lie anymore.

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Ongoing Updates: 10th December 2024 / (10-12-2020)

First episode date: 25 February 2024
Network: Zee TV
Number of episodes: 84
Directed by: Tabrez Khan
Language: Hindi

Episode Timings On TV:
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Zee TV: 10:00 pm(IST)

Qurbaan Hua Cast:

    • Pratibha Ranta
    • Karan Jotwani
    • Nitin Bhasin
    • Sonali Nikam
    • Nishad Vaidya

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