Qurbaan Hua 12th August 2024 Episode Written Update: The Photographer Knows The Family Of Dr Baig

Chahat quickly takes the sarree to cover herself, she states that he seeing the opportunity was about to take (2) (2) advantage of her, she gets

really mad in him as he saw her when she was wearing the sarree & afterwards he’d come onto her, he apologizes mentioning that he indeed had come to tease

her although seeing that she was in issue only desired to help her, she starts pointing in a mouse that is as of now within the room, Neil is not been able to locate it afterwards she hits him with a bat hurting her, he exclaims that she’s taken the revenge from him, he also advises that she wear the Sindoor made up off spice.

Godamabari & Naveli come & they both are looking pretty, Godambari exclaims that she purposefully gave Chahat a sarree that could’t match the One she’s wearing so that they both always look prettier, just afterwards Baleq & Jamuna also come.

he comments Godambari on just just how beautiful she’s looking, afterwards appeals about where Neil & Chahat are, Neil comes holding his own own back, Baleq appeals what has happened to that Neil replies that he got (1) (1) a sprain in the night.

they all laugh that he got (1) (1) it on the first night, Viyas jee & Chahat come down the stairs, Neil is not been able to take (2) (2) his own own eyes off her & thinks of just just how beautiful she’s looking, afterwards regains conscious thinking that he should not think of her as she’s the enemy.

Jamuna blesses her mentioning that no One has looked like her from that death of Saraswati, he also performs the ritual to keep any evil far far away.

The photographer comes & after seeking the blessings from Viyas mentions that he never imagined that Dr Baig would be able to accomplish such a thing from he went to his own own house just past mo for a party when his own own daughter had returned after becoming a doctor.

They all gain stunned, Baleq appeals afterwards this would mean he’s seen all this members of the family (4) (4), both Chahat & Neil are worried about what going to happen, & he can also show them from he still has the photos.

Baleq mentions that this is great info from they want to see the family (4) (4) members of Dr Baig so that they’re able to recognize any One of them & have the opportunity of taking revenge from them, he starts

showing them the photos & both Neil & Chahat are worried what they had accomplish in complaint they realize that Chahat is the daughter of Dr Baig, Viyas stops & stands that worries Neil as he doesnot actually really know what would happen.

Viyas states that he should see the rest of the photos as he had not be able to see them, they see that it’s the photo of Saraswati & they all start crying.

Viyas leaves the room. Neil takes the camera & leaves thinking he had delete the photo of Chahat with Sr. Baig, Chahat also comes & taking the camera deletes Every photo with her family (4) (4).

Neil appeals what she’s completed as he had only One chance of finding her family (4) (4), afterwards they both gain in a dispute, Baleq appeals Neil in complaint he detected any photo.

afterwards Neil responds that he did not locate any photo Baleq gets mad as why he was not been able to locate any photo Neil mentions that they were eliminated, Baleq gets mad thinking that he’s lost the single chance of finding Dr Baig.

Afterwards Chahat arrives the hall, Naveli appeals what did she accomplish last night that Neil is not even able to walk correctly, she gets nervous although Godambari states she did not gain nervous being romantic with Neil on the roof than what has happened now.

Viyas comes & stops them all, he appeals Neil in complaint he detected any photo although Neil mentions that the photographer has eliminated them.

he wonders just just how can Dr Baig escape each & every time, he mentions that they had not ruin this day because of a murderer, jamuna states that before taking the photo they should eat samosas as Godambari has prepared them & they’re really new.

They all sit down to eat them.

Neil takes Chahat outdoor clearing that she should stay far from that photographer so that he could’t recognize them as in complaint it happens this would ruin their own own plans.

Jamuna appeals Naveli to go & change as she’s not correctly dressed, Naveli refuses to accomplish anything mentioning that even her mom never discontinued her from wearing anything, jamuna gets angry in her although afterwards Chahat comes, she imparts a solution to Naveli that she also likes, Jamuna mentions that she’s given the solution just as Saraswati.

The photographer has asked Jamuna to stand so that he can correct the lights, Jamuna mentions that their own own time has been left within the last although there is someone else can stand & so he brings Chahat who is not equipped to face the photographer.

Chahat is about to leave when she stops Godambari who bumps from a wire, she scolds Chahat for not removing the wires, Viyas comes reporting that One should look within the floor while walking as it’s the only way to prevent any mishap.

Chahat mentions that she’s sorry & it had never happen again as it’s the wire of the photographer, Godambari appeals her to service breakfast although Viyas states that she should call Naveli to service the breakfast as the photographer going to first take (2) (2) the photos of Chahat & Neil, he orders that Chahat go as the photographer is waiting for her.

Jamuna is instructing the photographer to take (2) (2) quality pictures as in complaint he’s not been able to accomplish it afterwards they will make sure he could’t take (2) (2) photos ever again.

Chahat is facing he various side & is asked to turn she takes the veil, the photographer appeals that she lift it just a little so that they can see her face.

Viyas comes mentioning that there is no need for the veil as it’s not a custom of their own own family (4) (4), she starts taking off the veil although is really nervous of what would happen next.

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