Qurbaan Hua 13th February 2021 Written Episode Update: Twist

Qurbaan Hua 13 February 2021 Written Episode, Read Today’s (13-02-2021) Full Written Update.

Today’s Written Episode: Qurbaan Hua 12th February 2021 Daily Serial Starts With AlakhNanda exclaims the individual who assured her daddy isn’t Neel but really Baleq, hearing that this everybody is concerned.

Ghazala includes congratulating Baleq mentioning how they’ve finalized their job and today he could say to his own villagers the way he’s gotten.

Neel back in the Muslim woman and she’d also state in her address of the way she saved her daughter out of the non-Muslims, afterward Godambari asks them not to observe as before.

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Neel is wed then there may be no result, Baleq along with Godambari request Ghazala to depart since they’d come. Neel attempts to clarify how he’s not promised anybody and cannot wed her, Chahat additionally asks AlakhNanda to remember how she had been telling her around.

Neel thus does she believe he could do whatever this kind however he’s made to stay silent as soon as the villagers threaten to kill Chahat, Ghazala additionally asks Chahat to stay silent because when Neel is wed into the Hindu woman she could likewise marry a Muslim out of her own faith.

AlakhNanda believes of the way will she manage to reside with Neel understanding just how much he enjoys Chahat, she finds the Rudraksh on Baleq’s hands gets up mentioning he is the man or woman who promised to wed her. AlakhNanda is so amazed with just how large the house is, she’s shocked to observe the couch so begins running with enthusiasm.

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Godambari comes mentioning the way she is in the home of Mant Vyas and so should begin functioning, she chooses the hands of Godambari and turns her into the extent she drops after becoming dizzy, Godambari subsequently cites how it’s the home of Mant Vyas therefore she needs to behave appropriately.

She then reveals AlakhNanda that the Akhund Jhot ordering her into set the oil otherwise it will finish she thinks how she revealed AlakhNanda the water since today she’d be scolded. Chahat wonders both Baleq and Godambari are treating AlakhNanda therefore that she needs to assess, AlakhNanda is going to set the water at the Akhund Jhot if Chahat prevents her describing how it is points and water in the petroleum, AlakhNanda is comfy once she’s powerful, Chahat then reveals her how to plead Vyas je. She thinks of the way she’d shield AlakhNanda from the Godambari along with Baleq.

Live Telecast Days: Monday to Friday

Ongoing Updates: 13th February 2021 / (13-02-2021)

First episode date: 25 February 2020
Network: Zee TV
Number of episodes: 84
Directed by: Tabrez Khan
Language: Hindi

Episode Timings On TV:
All times are in IST (India Standard Time).
Zee TV: 10:00 pm(IST)

Qurbaan Hua Cast:

    • Pratibha Ranta
    • Karan Jotwani
    • Nitin Bhasin
    • Sonali Nikam
    • Nishad Vaidya

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