Qurbaan Hua 28th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Twist

Qurbaan Hua 28 November 2023 Written Episode, Read Today’s (28-11-2020) Full Written Update.

Today’s Written Episode: Qurbaan Hua 28th November 2023 Daily Serial Starts With Chahat is granting the examinations when the invigilator calls.

Viyas jee as the guest that worries Chahat who imagines that in case he sees her afterwards would realize that she’s a doctor.

Chahat requests the lady from where she got the bangles as they’re stolen so in case she imparts the proof to the police.

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She’d be detained so she must notify Chahat who gave her the bangles. Neel exclaims that the human from whom he desired to take avenge all those days afterwards he has been the 1 to safeguard him, he imagines that Dr Baig has died his own sister.

however has saved him, he begins to caugh that worries Neel. Chahat questions who sold her the bangled in that the lady reports that it has been someone else who gave her the bangles.

Chahat demands that she must let her meet the human as otherwise she’d have her detained, the spouse agrees to make the arrangements after that she’d meet the human.
Neel inquiries from Dr Baig in case he’s alright & why is he coughing.

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He tries to call the doctor although he doesnot answer the call however afterwards Neel imagines of calling Chahat who immediately references that she’d come to her however he rejects.

She instructs him on just how he’d be able to gain the human relieved afterwards Neel follows the guideline, Neel is unable to locate the required imagines awhile someone helps him.

When Neel is able to ensure Dr Baig is relieved he insists Bopho to come out as he knows Bopho is now in the room, Bophandar comes out & is wearing a mask of Hanuman, Neel requests why is he wearing the mask.

Bopho replies that he did this because Neel instructed him to not show him his own face, Bopho clarifies that he wasn’t the 1 to steal the murti, Neel hugs him confirming that he knows Bopho can’t accomplish anything of the sort so he hugs him.

Chahat shows the video footage where Chawala is accepting that he wasn’t instructed by Bopho to steal the Murti, Jamuna exclaims that this means Bopho is innocent & afterwards Viyas jee wonders who’ll go so low to steal the Murti.

Godambari stares in Baleq who’s actually worried. Neel is hugging Bopho when he gets a voice note from Chahat where Chawala accepts that Bopho didn’t order him to steal the Murti.

Neel hearing the voice note references that Bopho’s Jhabi proved his own innocence however he it even prior to that Bopho can’t accomplish anything of the sort, Bopho questions just how in that Neel shows him his own heart.

Afterwards clarifies that Chahat has given her heart to him. Chahat arrives the room of Baleq awhile he’s functioning, she references that she desires to inquire a query & needs the bangles that Neel gave to Saraswati on her b-day.

Bopho begins dancing hearing the information that angers Neel who clarifies that she gave her heart to him so that he could watch it from her heart, this made him realize of Bopho’s innocence, he goes to take care of Dr Baig.

Neel imagines in case his own words might really come right. Baleq questions why does she want them so suddenly, Chahat clarifies just how she wants to have the same bangles made for Kripa, Baleq responds that they’re within the locker.

Chahat answers just how he informed her that he’s took them all to their own home after the lock-down has been declared, Baleq recalls his own announcement mentioning that he forgot, he tries to act as in case he’s actually searching for the Bangles.

Chahat knows they’re not with him so requests him to search thoroughly for them & he could give them to her some of the different time. Chahat after going out of the home calls the spouse of Chawla inquiring in case he named the human who sold her the bangles.

She responds just how she’s unable to, Chahat threatens that she shouldn’t notify the human just how she’s also coming to their own gathering otherwise she’d give the photo that she’s of her to the police.

Chahat is adamant to disclose the fact regarding Baleq Infront of everybody. Chahat arrives the room where Neel is standing he exclaims just how he has been able to not trust Bopho & calls himself stupid.

Chahat requests him to not say this regarding him because even although he’s stupid yet they corrected everything & as of now nothing would be unfair, Neel imagines of just how Bopho mentioned that he saw Chahat breaking.

When they got the information of his own demise, Neel pleads with her to never let him wander off, he hugs her after exclaiming that she’s actually awesome, Chahat moves far away when she sees them both within the mirror.

Chahat orders that he must believe everything that Bopho states so that he never mistrusts him, Neel remembers just how Bopho mentioned that Chahat has initiated to love him & he must inquire her just once.

Neel exclaims in case she desires him to believe everything that he states, he’s regarding to say that Bopho has been informing she’s initiated to love him. He makes her sit down afterwards clarifies that she’ll watch the face of the human that she’s initiated to love.

Care for, she doesnot watch anything clearly afterwards she requests why is he doing this however Neel enforces her to be quiet, he references that the human for whom she could sacrifice everything & the human who’d sacrifice for her with happiness.

He questions in case she could watch the face of anybody, Chahat is stunned to watch the it’s his own face & waking up she moves far away, he requests the name of the human, Chahat rejects to say anything.

Mentioning that she has been thinking of the diapers of Kripa as they’ve stopped, Neel doesnot believe her afterwards enforces her to tell the fact before she’s able to, he gets a text.

Neel seeing the text runs as the entrance slip of Chahat was delivered to the home, he runs downstairs, he’s stunned to watch that Viyas jee took the slip, he acts as in case he’s actually angry over the truth that he initiated fighting with Bopho.

Viyas jee confirms that he shouldn’t worry because nothing would happen, Neel cleverly takes the slip form the table before racing. Neel tries to ensure that Chahat devises well before the examinations & he even wishes her luck before the examination.

Chahat sits on her chair when the invigilator arrives, he exclaims that someone quite important has come to bless them all & it’s Mant Viyas, Chahat immediately tries to conceal as otherwise in case Viyas jee sees her it’d create a plenty of issue for her.

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First episode date: 25 February 2023
Network: Zee TV
Number of episodes: 84
Directed by: Tabrez Khan
Language: Hindi

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Qurbaan Hua Cast:

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    • Karan Jotwani
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    • Sonali Nikam
    • Nishad Vaidya

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