Qurbaan Hua 28th August 2024 Episode Written Update: Chahat and Neil host their first show

Neil devises for his own 1st show, he gratitude Bopho for everyone that he’s finished, Bopho references that it has been Chahat who’s finished it all, Neil gain angry mentioning that he’ll never accomplish it & so would also hit him with a pan in case he demands, they gain a call from that producer, Neil shows him the set & he also approves of it.

They inquire in case he’s an assistant to that Bopho exclaims that he’s the 1, although the producer wants that the assistant be a lady as it’d create a lot extra traffic, Neil ensures afterwards imagines of who he must make his own assistant.

Bopho references that he could talk with Chahat as afterwards he’d also be able to appreciate him.

Naveli advises that Chahat stay out of her issue as she doesnot need to create issues for her, They both are speaking when Neil comes requesting what they both are speaking.

& what does Naveli need Chahat to stay out off, Chahat exclaims that she had come to Naveli seeking the advise of sarree & he must also support her, Neil references that he’s no idea regarding the dressing of ladies however is in search of an assistant as the producers feel it’d create a plenty of traffic for his own show.

he goes to Chahat exclaiming that they desire a ladies from whom citizens couldn’t be able to take (2) their own eyes off, & who’s so beautiful that even her eyes glow within the dark so he wants Naveli to come with him.

Naveli also states that she’s aware that there would be no 1 who’d be best than her, Naveli requests regarding the timings of the show, Neil responds that it’s going to be live actually shortly she should develop herself, so she goes to gain prepared.

Neil requests Chahat is she has been feeling he’d call her, Chahat references that she’s no concern in these kinda things however it’d were great in case he’d just stated thankyou after all that she did for him, he exclaims that in order for him to say it she’d have to earn it & so would act as a helper, she agrees & they both leave the room.

Chahat is awaiting when Naveli comes dressed in modern attire, Chahat exclaims that she’s looking gorgeous, & when the show begins Naveli turns it into an informative show regarding clothes.

Neil stops her requesting that she come & stand with him, he shows the ingredients that they’ll utilize to develop a traditional dish that is local & not made within the plain regions of Punjab(PB) & the like.

He begins getting ready the dish requesting Chahat to bring flour for the roti, she instead brings flowers & stumbles awhile granting it to him, he catches her.

the both begin to watch into every different’s eyes awhile being live, Naveli calls Chahat requesting what she meant & why did she bring it, Chahat references that she has been informed to bring Flour & it’s aata.

Neil takes the chance to evident the air, Chahat gratitude him as otherwise she’d have fell ahead of the live audience, Neil requests her to leave as Naveli going to support him.

Jamuna is actually amazed by this smell of the meal mentioning that he’s not witnessed such great cooking from the time Saraswati has been alive, Viyas jee also comes requesting that jamuna knows just how to operate a smart phone, he insists that he be shown the show of Neil, Jamuna requests that he not scold Neil after it.

Viyas jee states that he’ll not as he also wants to watch the talent that his own son had that only his own sister has been able to watch. They both sit to watch the show, Viyas jee is actually happy with his own son,

Neil accidently gets something in his own eyes, Chahat immediately comes to his own aid & helps him delete it meantime the overall dish burns, Chahat requests that he leave & evident his own eyes with water awhile she’ll handle everything.

Chahat takes over the show & begins getting ready the dish, Bopho sees a comment in that the human recognises Chahat, Bopho states that he’d murder the human who made this comment.

Jamuna calls Bopho outdoor & when he goes to him, he requests that he show them the comments as they’d like to watch just how much comments Neil got (1), Bopho wonders what he must accomplish as in case they both watch the comment where it’s mentioned that Chahat is the daughter of Dr Rahil Baig they all would be in a plenty of problem.

Viyas jee requests why he’s so lost as he should tell them what the citizens have stated regarding Neil, Bopho is wondering what going to happen as of now in case they locate that Chahat is the daughter of Dr Baig. Jamuna begins reading the comments that states things regarding both Neil & Chahat.

Bopho comes to Neil mentioning that there has been a comment regarding Chahat being the daughter of Dr Rahil Baig.

Neil also gets worried requesting in case he’s removed it, Bopho exclaims it was finished Neil gets a call from that producer who wants that he keep Chahat as his own assistant, Neil wonders just how he could accomplish it.

afterwards Bopho states that it’s due to her that he’s gotten the show so he should be great to her as she’s not that bad, & why is he angry with her when it has been her dad who has been behind the demise of Saraswati.

Neil approaches return to the station, Naveli requests Chahat to leave although Neil stops her clarifying that the producers need her to be the assistant & also apologizes with Naveli who’s obliged to leave, Neil takes Chahat by her hand demonstrating her just how to develop the flour, he references that it’s due to the audience.

They both develop the dish & when it finally finished, Neil comes with a cover requesting her to show the audience just how the dish was made, she lifts it & there is written a thankyou note on the dish.

he exclaims that it’s due to her & this has been because she’s the 1 to accomplish all that he was able to accomplish. Bopho references that he’s finally stated thankyou to Chahat.

Neil gets a call from that producer who exclaims that show is a hit so he’ll make the show during the week with Chahat.

Chahat wonders just how she’d be able to come on the show during the week as someone might recognize her.

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