RadhaKrishn 4th September 2024 Written Episode Update: Krishna Pacifies Balaram

Subhadra reports that she loves Arjun & not Duryodhan, hence she can’t marry Duryodhan. Shakuni thinking Krishna as Paundrak requests what’s happening, he must go & demand Subhadra to marry Duryodhan. Krishna solving him as Mamashri requests why must he. Shakuni gets stunned & realises he’s real Krishna. Krishna states he didn’t accomplish anything, only love did. Shakuni imagines where is Paundrak afterwards. Paundrak in jail requests guards to free him as he’s real Krishna. Guards laugh on him. Duryodhan shouts just how could Subhadra refuse him, he’s a future king & its an offend to him, Balram assured him & must gain his own sister wedded to him. Krishna states there is nothing unfair in case call is turned as per status. Duryodhan states Balram can’t break his own assure, else whole Bharat won’t trust Balram & Yadav kul. He imparts Balram one day & moves far away. Balram shouts in Subhadra just how could she offend him. Subhadra states love could happen in a 2nd, she loves Arjun & she can’t refuse it. She moves far from there succeeded by Radha. Balram afterwards angrily requests Arjun what did he accomplish that Subhadra fallen in his own love in a day. Arjun states even he’s surprised. Balram threatens his own fact going to be out by tomorrow.

Balram angrily cuts wood. Krishna moves to him & states he cut wood in one blow, however can’t refix it. Simialrly in anger, he taken a unfair call. He discloses that he’s wound as Subhadra didn’t accept his own call, however what regarding him who didn’t identify his own brother & trusted a doppelganger instead; Jarasand, Duryodhan, & Shakuni sent Paundrak to fool them & gain Subhadra wedded to Arjun as they don’t need Pandavs to do Rajasuya yagna; Balram fallen for their own conspiracy. Balram realises his own error & requests what must he accomplish as of now. Krishna states he didn’t even inquire his own sister once what’s in her heart, instead he obliged his own call on her. He requests what in case Subhadra marries boy of her choice & Balram’s assure is also not broken. Balram excitedly requests in case that is possible. Krishna states yes.

Shakuni reports Duryodhan that real Krishna replaced Paundrak & he scheduled to bring Arjun here; from Arjun broke his own gandiva & is here without his own brothers’ protection, he’s weak & could be died easily.
Arjun meets Krishna & states he doesn’t really know why Subhadra taken his own name, is Madhav angry that his own sister loves me. Krishna states he can’t alter love & its not Arjun’s error. Arjun requests what must he accomplish as of now. Krishna states he must tell Subhadra that he doesn’t love him. Radha meets Krishna next & scolds him for trying to break Balram’s assure. Their own conversation continues. Krishna states he’ll keep Balram’s assure & even let Subhadra marry her love.

Shakuni & Duryodhan check Paundrak in jail & notify them just how Krishna turned the status. They provoke him to murder Arjun. Krishna gets concerned hearing that via his own superpowers.