Rajnath Singh reviews China standoff situation

New Delhi(DL), August 22 : As India(In) reconciles to having about 35,000 army using the winter when the temp is below -40 graduation Celsius in Eastern Ladakh, Defense Minister Rajnath Singh on Sat. conducted a gathering with Domestic Security Advisor Ajit Doval & the top military brass to debate the status in the border with China.

Talks between India(In) & China remain deadlocked & as of now the bigger issue is logistics. India(In) has to move about 3 extra formations to reinforce the border.

India(In) has to build at the least 5,000 habitats & building within the inhospitable terrain usually stops in Sep.

Singh conducted the review gathering with Doval, Chief of Defense Employees Bipin Rawat & the 3 service chiefs on the prevailing status in the Line of Actual Curb in Eastern Ladakh where Chinese army are still camping.

“The gathering happened for almost one-and-a-half-hours in South Stop,” stated a source.

The de-escalation of army in the Line of Actual Curb has suspended for as of now as the disengagement talks between India(In) & China have hit a roadblock. China has denied to move back from its present military position north of the Pangong Tso & Depsang.

The Citizens’s Liberation Troops (PLA) has denied to pull back eastwards from that 8-km stretch it’s occupied from Finger-Four to Finger-Eight by apartment scores of new fortifications there from early May.

The mountain spurs jutting into the lake are referred to as Fingers in military parlance.

China has also rised its troop deployment in Lipulekh, the place that had become a trigger for strained relations between New Delhi(DL) & Kathmandu. Lipulekh is a tri-junction between India(In), Nepal & China situated atop the Kalapani Valley.

China has turned the status quo on the Line of Actual Curb in different places. India(In) has objected to it & is taking up the issue with China in all levels.

Both the nations are locked in a over three-month-long stand-off in several points, hitherto unprecedented, along the border.

During this gathering, it has been also addressed that Beijing has initiated troop & material build-up in depth regions around the 3,488-km Line of Actual Curb.

India(In) has identified that China has deployed army, artillery & armor in 3 areas of the LAC — western (Ladakh), middle (Uttarakhand(UK), HP) & eastern (Sikkim(SK), Arunachal).