How Real Casino Poker Chips Are Made – 2023 Guide

Gambling represent the most popular form of entertainment for a long time for many people. It is interesting how this branch is changing over time. The biggest change can be seen in recent years when online platforms become the major format of gambling.

Some games are present for more than a century, like Poker, while there are many new models introduced through websites. Also, there is sports betting, which is very popular as well. It seems like the traditional casinos are losing the battle with modern technologies.

However, they still manage to attract a lot of people. Besides that, it is common that professionals and people interested in high-stakes will rather choose the land-based casino instead of some website. On the other hand, online gambling platforms are using various techniques to attract more and more players.

One of the most efficient tactics they are using is targeting new players with promotions. After you register on a gambling site and make the first payment, the company will award you with a certain amount of free credit and potential additional features.

For example, you could get 200% over the amount of your payment and bonus games or spins. If you want to check some of the best gambling sites with similar features that are available in Canada, visit this website.

Furthermore, the popularity of websites might be higher than the traditional model of gambling. Still, the experience of playing at a live table cannot be compared to mobile and desktop devices. It is a unique experience when you are holding chips in your hand and counting them before each hand.

There are many interesting things related to these chips, like the fact that each casino can introduce their own chips. Also, there are different systems they are using to prevent scams, and much more. We are going to analyze more about real casino chips in the following article.

Main Features of Real Chips


It is important to learn the difference between the chips available in stores, which you can use for entertainment in case that you prefer playing poker with your friends. On the other hand, casino chips are holding a real value, which is the main reason why it is crucial to create them with unique details.

There is a common misconception that each casino will introduce the same size and weight. However, when you compare the weight of chips from different casinos, you will notice that the difference can be in a few grams. Also, the material used in production can be either ceramic or clay, unlike fake plastic ones.

Moreover, there is a special mark on each chip, and the purpose is to easily distinguish ones from different casinos. It is common for popular gambling areas like Las Vegas to accept payment with tokens from other casinos as well, which is the main reason why each of these models must be unique.

Another feature is related to colors, where each color resembles the value, and that can help players to focus more on the game instead of checking their tokens after every hand. For instance, the color black is for the value of $100, while green is worth $25. Different companies are using various tones and shades to make them more recognizable.

If you think that there is a chance to get along with fake chips, you should know that casinos are using a similar technique as financial institutions that are creating currencies. There is a special mark that can be seen only under UV lights. Tokens with higher values have some additional details used for preventing fraud. In that matter, there is no way to cash out fake models.


You should know about the rules when you find a token in the casino. For example, someone lost the chips, and you found them on the floor. In that case, they belong to the casino, and there is no way for you to cash them out.

Even if you manage to do so, the security protocols are very high, and if you successfully get the money and leave the place, chances are great that you will be blacklisted and banned from that casino. If you come to the casino with chips, they will require you to prove how you got them. In case that it was a gift, you will be able to convert them into cash.

While clay is the most common material, these companies often choose to introduce unique dimensions, weight, and design. If that is not enough to prevent the scams with fake tokens, they will simply pull off the whole set of current chips and introduce new ones.

There is a trend that many companies are using these days, which is the integration of RFID technology into chips, which makes any sort of fraud impossible. Another use of this method is tracking the actions of players, and determining if some of them are breaking rules, like applying certain patterns while betting.

Future Of Traditional Casinos

While most of them already introduced online platforms to stay competitive, the traditional model of gambling will remain popular, but most players will be professionals playing in large tournaments. The great potential is related to online streaming, where people can watch these pros while competing in various games. Also, there are still many people interested in experiencing the excitement while sitting in front of the dealer or other players.

Besides that, they are offering higher security than many online platforms. Also, it is a common belief that the chances are much better to win while playing at live tables.

These companies are using that in their favor by introducing live streams.

We have to mention virtual reality, which can also help land casinos to stay in the game. They can introduce a platform where people can connect to some casinos and enjoy playing all kinds of games in the same way as when they are there in public.

Texas Hold’Em is one of the games that are keeping land casinos popular because the feeling cannot be the same when playing on your mobile device, and while holding cards in your hands. Also, there is the advantage where you can spot the habits of other people much easier when compared to the online model.