Recall when Sophie T Hugged Husband Joe Jonas’ Ex Taylor Swift?

Taylor Swift & Sophie Turner have come face to return in 2019 if they appeared in precisely exactly the identical edition of their’Graham Norton Show’.

Sophie Turner & Taylor Swift have a great deal in common, such as appreciation for Game of Thrones, Swift’s songs, and also, even fitting blond haircuts with bangs when they came in.

The Graham Norton Show rear in 2019. However, the claim that they have been in relationships with Joe Jonas is your problem that has been increased more than every other.

Swift outdated Jonas at 2008, also Turner wed him. But there is no animosity between both and they greeted together with a kiss once they came face to face about the display.

After Swift & Turner were guests Graham Norton’s series on exactly the identical afternoon, there wasn’t any awkwardness to be viewed. Rather, involving their interview sessions using the show’s sponsor, Swift & Turner hugged on TV.

Turner was, needless to say, asked concerning her marriage to Jonas, that came as an absolute surprise for many following the couple exchanged vows in Las Vegas place the Billboard Music Awards, such as Diplo because their DJ.

When inquired regarding Diplo turner stated,”We did not request him to be our wedding photographer. He only sort of live-streamed it. [What happens in Vegas] does not stay in Vegas.” When inquired when they’d be needing a grand party, she explained,” Potentially.”

Taylor Swift had gone to the show to promote her new tune Me! Which had only released at the moment. The subject of her conversation with Ellen DeGeneres wasn’t brought up.

A Couple of months prior to arriving to The Graham Norton Show, Taylor Swift had started to Ellen about phoning Joe Jonas out openly. She stated that in hindsight it appeared like what she’d done was a little much and the two may laugh about the entire thing.

Talking regarding her interaction with Sophie Turner along with the group of Dark Phoenix, Taylor Swift composed on Instagram,”Thanks @thegrahamnortonshow for getting me along with the group!!

It succeeds. Feeling fairly lucky I must become a guest on exactly the exact identical night like @sophiet, Michael Fassbender, @Jessicachastain along with @Jamesmcavoyrealdeal. They were so sweet, so now I wish to walk around crying Go Watch Dark Phoenix.”