Record drop in COVID-19 cases in Saudi Arabia

Jeddah: Saudi has seen report drop in COVID-19 instances on Sun..

As per a regional daily, first time in over 5 mos, COVID-19 instances dropped to below 500 within the Kingdom.

Although, the Ministry of Health’s spokesperson, Dr. Mohammed Al-Abd Al-Aly pushed locals to be vigilant during this Kingdom’s domestic celebrations on Wed.. He lauded residents & attributed the massive improvement to their own combine measures.

Though less no. of instances were reported, Al-Aly inquired citizens not to reopen operations & meetings without due care. He alerted citizens who not abiding by this safety precautions & inquired citizens with any signs to isolation themselves & decline any social invitation.

The overall no. of instances within the Kingdom has approached 329,754. 483 new instances of COVID-19 have been reported within the Kingdom on Sun.. Active instances have been 14,830, of them 1,138 have been crucial. Crucial instances have also dropped by 12 per cent.