River Musi becomes home for mosquitoes, millions of pathogens

Hyderabad(Hyd): The raising pollution took a toll on water bodies present within the twin city. Multiple ponds present in various parts of Hyderabad(Hyd) with River Musi have changed into a mosquito breeding field.

Hyderabad(Hyd) pollution curb board, in a elaborated record, has conducted accountable the water bodies for an upsurge of mosquitoes & different infection carrying pathogens.

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Monsoon season brings problem

“There was a expansion in waste accumulation in Musi for the past 1 yr.,” states the record. Each monsoon, the garbage dumped by citizens makes the river & ponds extra stagnated. Because of a poverty-stricken water flow, the water bodies emit bad odor adding distress for everyone close by locals.


The Pollution curb board had previously ruled to clean 14 min liter water, out of that only 50 percent can be handled.

With the support of state govt, the curb board has as of now set up a water-treatment plant. The state has also ruled to clean all this ponds which were present within the outskirts of Hyderabad(Hyd).