Roja 12th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Twist

Roja 12 November 2023 Written Episode, Read Today’s (12-11-2020) Full Written Update.

Today’s Written Episode: Roja 11th November 2023 Daily Serial Starts With Arjun informs Roja that she could cry for them.

However not for those who try to make her cry? What did Arjun inquire Anu to write in that form? She rejects it.

Arjun informs her that she knows her well & that inspector too. He requests Balu what’s written on it.

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He replies that he doesn’t really know. Arjun informs this grandmother Roja who blindly supports Anuj however 1 day she betrays her that day, afterwards no 1 going to be with her. Arjun takes Roja to the PS (police station).

Roja requests them not to create any issue. Arjun replies to her that she desires to solve the issue today. Inspector applauds for bringing Roja to himself. Arjun angrily pushes the tea glass. He requests her why she got the sign in Roja’s absence.

Arjun mentioned her name there. She requests him to pay homage to his own position. Arjun threatens her to repatriate the paper, otherwise she’ll have a lifelong regret. The inspector informs him to file the paper in court, afterwards her personal life is over.

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She agreed the fact & signed it. Roja informs him she did it for Grandy. Dhanam informs Arjun that she’ll end up in jail because there have been numerous helpers there to help her. Arjun again threatens her that nothing could be finished.

Dhanam replies that Roja could end her personal life with her sign. Arjun rises his own hand to slap her. Chandrakanta imparts a grand entrance to the PS (police station) & references Arjun’s name. Dhanam smiled as Arjun & Roja smiled in her.

She imparts him a chair & she rejects to sit in it & requests Dhanam where is Roja’s announcement? Dhanam answers here. She requests her why she demanded on signing the form.

Dhanam replies that he didn’t enforce her however she’s admitted her guilt. She angrily shows him the video footage where Dhanam pulls Roja’s hand & emotionally enforces her to sign utilizing Annapurna.

What does she query her? Dhanam answers her that Roja doesn’t confess her guilt, so she did. She queries in case Roja didn’t tell her before she admitted to her offence, afterwards why is she turning her words about as of now? Is Dhanam flashing.

She queries whether she’s gone to take Roja’s announcement for mixing the poison within the sweet, that requires Annapurna to be pulled. Is it our rule to harassment older citizens (or) ladies in this way? We’re here to prove guilt not to enforce innocent citizens to confess.

Dhanam blinked again. She requests her to read the announcement. It said that Roja wedded Arjun for his own amount. She desired to enjoy everything, so she scheduled to murder everybody within the home utilizing their own rituals.

She 1st attempted to murder Annapurna however Aswin ate it & fainted there. She did all this for amount. Chandra requests her to read the rest of the lines too. She’s pleaded guilty for Dhanam, enforcing her to accomplish so.

Dhanam has been surprised to read it. Chandra reports her that Meena is her assistant. She sends the piece to her. Unlike Dhanam, she’s honest to her work. Don’t dare to handle Meena for that. She requests Dhanam to inquire Roja to accomplish this.

She tore the announcement & threw it in her face. She threatens her not to gain far from Roja & take avenge on her. Arjun laughs & takes Roja with him. Chandra threatens Arjuna that Dhanam going to accomplish something again to trap Roja with Anu.

So be careful by informing that she left. Annapurna left the hall for the 4th location emotionally & Shenbakam stated nothing has been going right in this home. She requests regarding Kalpana. Anu reports her that she’s worshiping there.

Annapurna complains regarding what she does, afterwards her son is now in the {hospital} due to his own son-in-law. Kalpana listens to it & states that she’s got a great daughter so don’t complain regarding her.

Yasodha stated she’d never witnessed a son-in-law, like Roja, who has been a murderer. Kalpana has no right to say that because they’re legally sent to the old home. Annapurna looks in Badmouth & Arjun & Roja in the entrance.

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