Sanitation worker hangs self at Noida home

Noida: The body of a sanitation worker has been identified hanging in his own home in WP’s Noida, in a complaint of suspected suicide, police officer said on Thu..

The 35-year-old person lived in Morna village with his own family (4), that cautioned the police about 10 prime minister on Wed. about the demise, authorities stated.

“His own body has been identified hanging from a ceiling fan in a room of his own home. Different family (4) members have been in house when this happened & they made an urgency call to the police after that we have been reported, an officer from that regional Industry 24 PS (police station) stated.

The demised’s family (4) on Thu. informed police authorities that he has been worried over his own contractual employment from past multiple days & it may have urged him to taking the severe step, the officer said.

Although, no case was made by this family (4) in the PS (police station), the officer added further.