Saudi Arabia to host concerts to celebrate country’s 90th National Day

Riyadh: Saudi ruled to host concerts in Jeddah & Riyadh on the occasion of the nation’s 90th Domestic Day.


On 22nd Sep, Emirati Singer Ahlam going to do in Jeddah. On Sun., Ahlam tweeted, “I’m coming over to you, citizens of Jeddah”.

Abadi Al-Jawhar & Dalia Mubarak going to do on 23rd Sep, Domestic Day in Jeddah. On 24th, 25th & 26th Sep, Angham & Tamer Ashour, Mohamed Hamaki & Amr Diab going to do respectively.


In Riyadh, Majed Al Mohandes going to do on 23rd Sep where as, on 25th Sep, Rabeh Sager going to be witnessed on phase.

On 23rd Sep, Rashid Al Majid & Aseel Abu Bakr going to do a joint concert in Green Hall, Dammam.

Though there have been limited seats in every concert, fans could see live from house.