Saudi Arabia: Wife celebrates husband’s second marriage, video goes viral

Riyadh: A lady in Saudi celebrated the 2nd marriage of her spouse. She even introduced a gift to him.

Lady taken 4 yrs. to develop

Affirming her blessing & acceptance of the marriage, the lady, Umm Omar stated that it taken 4 yrs. for her to mentally develop for it.

According to the record, the lady had encouraged her spouse to marry the other lady. Citing the reason for such a call, she stated that for the last 6 yrs., she’s residing in Madina & because of work (5), her spouse resides in the other city.

She’s also assured that her kids not also accept the marriage however also celebrate dad’s 2nd wedding.

After the wedding, Umm Omar gave blessing to the marriage & introduced a package of honey as gift.

Wedding celebration in Saudi

In Saudi, the bride & groom celebrate their own wedding separately.

Male wedding celebration going to be simple. Only tea, coffee & dinner going to be made available. The duration of the celebration going to be under 4 hours.

Female wedding going to contain singers, photographers, DJs & remaining. Although, no males are permitted within the celebrations. All employees going to be female.

Even when the groom visits, all ladies except the bride going to cover themselves with abayas.