Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz calls President Trump: Relations with Israel cannot be established until an independent Palestinian state is established

Following the UAE’s peace cope with Israel, King Salman bin Abdulaziz of Saudi & US President Donald Trump had a telephone discussion in that they addressed the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

As per BBC Persian, Salman bin Abdulaziz has made it evident to President Trump that Saudi’s relations with Israel won’t back to regular till an independent Palestinian state is well-established.

As per Saudi’s state press agency, the Saudi Arabia king spoke to the US president over the phone on Sun. & stated that Saudi wants a just & permanent resolution to the Palestinian issue.

As per Reuters, the Saudi Arabia company stated on the occasion that this condition of resolving the conflict would be the beginning point of the Arab peace schedule proposed by this Kingdom of Saudi.

The phone call between Saudi & the United States comes in a time when the UAE past month had become the 3rd Arab nation to recognize Israel & establish diplomatic relations with it. Egypt & Jordan have formerly well-established state relations with Israel.

The King of Saudi reported President Trump that Saudi supports US measures for peace.

On the different hand, President Trump has appreciated Saudi for allowing the utilize of Saudi Arabia airspace for airplanes between the United Arab Emirates & Israel, calling it an trying to locate a resolution to the Palestinian issue & peace within the area.

Within the terms of the schedule, relations between the Arab states & Israel can back to regular in case Israel grants a statehood to Palestine & withdraws from that territory it captured within the 1967 Middle East war. ۔

Saudi hasn’t yet recognized Israel as a state. Although, this mo it declared that it’d permit airplanes between the UAE & Israel to utilize its airspace, even in case the airplanes have been operated by Israeli airlines.

Jared Kishner, a White Home adviser & President Trump’s son-in-law, hopes the other Arab nation going to establish ties with Israel within the next quite a few mos. No nation from the United Arab Emirates has finished so.

Jared Kishner has been on a check to the UAE last month. He afterward addressed with Saudi Arabia Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman the want for continued dialog between Palestine & Israel & for lasting peace within the area.

The settlement between Israel & the United Arab Emirates provoked a backlash in Palestine, with numerous Muslim-majority nations across the globe expressing worry over the call.

The United Arab Emirates has stated the cope with Israel is not intended to respond to Iran. The UAE also refused criticism from Turkey over the deal.

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