Scientists say Hong Kong man got coronavirus a second time

Hong Kong: University of Hong Kong scientists claim to have the 1st proof of someone being reinfected with the infection that causes COVID-19.

Genetic tests disclosed that a 33-year-old person repatriating to Hong Kong from a trip to Spain in mid-Aug had a various strain of the COVID-19 than the 1 he’d formerly being contaminated with in Mar, stated Dr Kelvin Kai-Wang To, the microbiologist who commanded the work (5).

The person had mild signs the for the first time & none the 2nd time; his own extra previous infection has been sensed using testing & checking in the Hong Kong air port.

It shows that some of the citizens don’t have lifelong immunity to the infection in case they’ve already had it, To stated. We don’t really know just how numerous citizens could gain reinfected. There have been probably extra out there.

The paper was agreed by this journal Clinical Infectious Diseases however not yet posted, & some of the independent experts pushed caution till complete results are available.

Whether citizens those have had COVID-19 are immune to new infections & for just how long are key queries that have consequences for vaccine development (devt) & decisions regarding repatriating to work (5), educational institution & social operations.

Even in case someone could be contaminated a 2nd time, it’s not well-known in case they’ve some of the protection over severe illness, because the immune system usually remembers just how to make antibodies over a infection it’s witnessed before.

It’s not evident just how various a infection needs to be to trigger illness, however the new work (5) suggests that COVID sufferers shouldn’t be complacent regarding prevention steps & must continue physical distancing, wearing face masks & different ways to lessen infection, To stated.

2 experts with no character within the work (5) accepted.

We’ve always well-known reinfection has been a possibility & I think this is greatly suggestive that it took place in this complaint, stated Dr Jesse Goodman, a previous U.S. Meal & Drug Administration chief scientist as of now in Georgetown University.