Shaadi Mubarak 27th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Twist

Today’s Written Episode: Shaadi Mubarak 27th October 2023 Daily Serial Starts With Preeti requesting Aryan for 1 opportunity. She states we’ll accomplish as you say, don’t reject without hearing our idea.

KT states that going to be uncool, you’ve stunned us, we’ve to shock you too.

Aryan states fine, cool, I’ll give you this opportunity, my cocktail party going to be for my friends, they must love it, in case its successful, afterwards you’ll gain my marriage contract, else you’ve to forget it, deal. KT states deal finished.

Preeti imagines this is the last opportunity for me, I’ll win Tarun’s condition.

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Kajal, Aastha & Priyanka hug & say we’ll be going to club. They appreciate Priyanka for purchasing the tickets by her 1st salary. Priyanka states we’ll not let mum really know it.

Kusum hears them. She states I m Kusum Kothari, you’re scheduling the night out, its a unfair thing to conceal it from parents. Aastha states its not unfair. Priyanka states we taken permission from Sumedh & Juhi. Kusum states no 1 going to go anywhere. She sees the tickets & tears it.

She requests Priyanka to spend amount in right place, don’t ruin it. Priyanka states you don’t care for our heart. Kusum states I really know what you accomplish in club, you ladies don’t accomplish this, decent entire family ladies don’t accomplish this. Aastha states trust us.

Kusum states you have been hiding & doing this, I could’t come in your words, I understood that its error of age, you’ve to handle yourselves & not accomplish anything unfair. She goes.

KT gets Preeti to the cafe. She sees the couples. He states don’t be shy, come, its a cafe. She requests why did we come here. He orders the coffee for them. She states we could talk regarding work in workplace.

He states yes, we won’t gain this ambience there. He requests her to watch the couples. He states Aryan Mantri need a youthful cocktail party, I got you here to watch teenager, you’ll be inspired to gain ideas for cocktail party.

You had come in tension, relax, youngsters won’t problem, I m youthful like them, I actually feel like them, I like their own lingo, the words they utilize, yo bro, what’s up dude, lol, look in my hairstyle, I’ve spiked it as many as look young.

He states youngsters take selfie with coffee & afterwards upload it. He states they put hash tags afterwards, its named teenager. He sees a person misbehaving. He gets angry on the person. The lady states leave him uncle, chill. The couples laugh.

She states he’s my boyfriend, I inquired him to gain the phone from pocket, its not named teasing, I really know you won’t know this, I think you shouldn’t judge so much.

The person requests KT to just chill. Preeti laughs. KT states you’re getting a laugh. She states uncle, sorry, relax, they’re youngsters, they’ll not problem you. He gets an idea. He states I’ll just come. He goes & calls Kusum.

He informs some of the schedule. She states I could accomplish anything for you, however this is hard. He states you’re forgetting, you did friendship.

She states I’ll keep it, give me 2 hours, I’ll accomplish something. He states you’re the finest. She states yes, bye. She smiles. She states just how going to it happen. She goes to her daughters. They watch every different. They watch the pizza. Kusum requests them to have it.

Priyanka requests what happened to you, you have been scolding us, you’re speaking gently as of now.

Aastha states yes, you don’t let’s go in kitchen without sorry. Kajal states its bribe, she desires to purchase us, she desires something from us. Kusum imagines I’ll never let you enter kitchen.

She requests them to have something & block utilizing their own mind. She states you’ve to accomplish imp work afterwards. They inquire what’s it, that they’ve to accomplish it together. Kusum informs them. They laugh & say it’ll be finished. KT & Preeti come house.

Preeti states I’ll watch on-line video clips & learn teenager culture, right. KT states yes. They enter the home & watch the party going on. They gain surprised. KT likes the decorations.

He states this doesn’t seem like your home, come. Preeti states its our home. He states it’s becomes a nightclub, song is great, come. They watch everybody dancing. Sumedh plays the music. KT whistles. Kusum turns & appreciates Preeti. She states we’ll watch the youngsters’ times. Preeti smiles.

Preeti states so you both ruled. Juhi states its Kajal, Aastha & Priyanka’s friends. Preeti states we habituated to gain snacks & have fun. Aastha states nachos, beer, we just drink juice, anybody could have anything they like. They dance. Preeti states this song has been my fav. Aastha states its our times song.

KT states song is same, you’ve various tune, we’d original & this is remix. Kusum states it means party happens the same way. Preeti states its right, we habituated to dance a lot in friend’s home. Kajal states we also accomplish the same, we dance in club. Everybody dances. KT & Kusum dance.

Preeti smiles. Kusum states everything is the same. Preeti states yes, we habituated to have fun, I feel someone has sent me 20 yrs. back. KT requests what did I say, we’ve to know this, youngsters need freedom, they need to be free, like you stated, they’ll also accomplish the same. He clarifies the difference in times.

He states heart is same, the way to please it’s turned, in case we know this, afterwards Aryan’s cocktail party going to be super hit, I m sure. Preeti smiles.

Live Telecast Days: Monday to Saturday

Ongoing Updates: 27th October 2023 / (27-10-2020)

First episode date: 24 August 2023
Story by: Seema Mantri
Network: StarPlus
Program creator: Shashi Sumeet Productions
Number of episodes: 44

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Shaadi Mubarak Cast:

    • Manav Gohil
    • Rajshree Thakur
    • Rajeshwari Sachdev
    • Akansha Sareen
    • Shefali Singh Soni

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