Shakti 21st August 2024 Episode Written Update: Soham Makes Heer Collects Nek For Kinnars

The Daily episode begins with Pandit ji telling Gurwinder that he’s a resolution for Gurwinder to becomes carrying, as last resolution didn’t work (5). Parmeet requests what’s the resolution? Pandit ji informs that Gurwinder has to accomplish her spouse’s aarti after God’s aarti within the in the morning, informs that she’s to offer fruits to God.

1st spouse shall eat meal & afterwards she shall eat his own leftover meal & requests them to remember that the extra she’ll gain pain, she’ll have extra chances of getting carrying. Virat comes there & requests why did you come Baba ji? Parmeet informs Gurwinder that Virat shan’t really know what Baba ji inquired her to accomplish.

Gurwinder informs Virat that she named Baba ji to talk regarding his own marriage date with Jharna. Virat states Jharna & I’ll decide & requests why are they pressurizing him.

Daljeet informs Virat that Gurwinder is quite excited regarding his own marriage & requests her not to call Pandit ji next time without requesting them. Gurwinder feels bad to have such a spouse who’s doing injustice with her & imagines she could’t back to her mayka as her parents are weak with amount & respect.

Heer imagines Jharna has took everybody in college, & I could’t go to college. She determines to go to college & imagines she could’t lose the challenge. Virat imagines you’ll lost the challenge as everybody is over her, imagines what she’ll complain to Police, they’re my family (4).

Heer imagines his own son & brother are in Police department, she could’t take (2) his own support. Heer requests God to support him & requests Bappa to bring resolution for her. Virat wishes she doesn’t gain any resolution to back to college & informs that he doesn’t care in case she collides with him again (or) not.

Next day, Harak Singh brings Ganapati Bappa’s idol house. Preeto & everybody welcome the Bappa in their own home. Jharna requests Virat to fold his own hands & states whatever you inquire for throughout Ganapati.

sthapana/placement gets fulfilled. Jai Ganesh song plays….Sant Baksh & Parmeet accomplish aarti together in their own home. Jharna looks in Virat. Daljeet & Gurwinder accomplish the aarti, succeeded by Virat & Jharna.

Heer does the aarti in her home & prays to Bappa that she needs his own help & informs that she’s fight not with Virat, however with her self esteem. Virat informs Bappa that your Heer trusts you a lot, I’ll watch just how you let her stay in college. A flower falls down when Heer bends her head infront of Bappa. She gets an idea & gratitude him. Mallika/Saya & different kinnars come there clapping.

Saya requests Harak Singh & Preeto in case they’ll not give her nek for Ganapati celebrations. Soham gets angry. Shanno requests him to keep his own anger in curb.

Soham requests them to await there & informs that their own dear Heer going to collect nek from them & going to give to them.

Heer nods her head. Preeto informs that it’s their own customs to give nek to them. Soham informs that he doesn’t like them within the home & informs that he’ll go as they don’t like his own talks within the globe.

Heer stops him & informs that Soham’s idea is also great. She informs that she’ll gain nek from everybody & give to Mallika aunty. She comes to Harak Singh & requests him to give nek. Harak Singh recalls Soumya requesting nek from Harman & the latter granting her nek. Heer requests again.

Harak Singh imparts her nek. Raavi requests Preeto not to say anything as of now. Heer requests Preeto to give nek to her.

Shanno imagines atleast Heer became kinnar & doing her work (5). She imagines it’s her 1st victory. Heer gets nek from Raavi & Soham & imparts the amount to Saya, & requests her to share it amongst remaining. She whispers to her to meet her outdoor & states I’ve an important work (5) with you.

Soham informs Saya & remaining that their own work (5) is finished, requests them to bless her to gain wedded shortly. Preeto states marriage doesn’t happen with blessings, however with a great & suitable person & family (4). She states we aren’t in a hurry to gain her wedded, 1st she’ll gain educated & stand on her ft. Afterwards we’ll watch marriage. Saya blesses everybody to be happy always & leaves.

Preeto imparts prasad to Harak Singh. Heer takes prasad. Preeto requests in case she’s not going to college today.

Heer states she’ll go to college. Preeto comes to room & cries. She looks in the cage & states don’t really know in that cage.

my Heer is captive. She’s so beautiful & lively, caged in kinnars cage. She requests God to give strength to Heer & all this ladies who’re caged by this community regulations.

In College, Jharna informs that Heer should have agreed defeat & that’s why didn’t come to college. Virat imagines in case she’s agreed defeat. Jharna informs that Heer wanted to marry Virat, however her marriage couldn’t happen.

She requests Isha in case Heer’s tears aren’t powerful & informs that it has been Virat’s schedule that.

Heer made it successful. She congratulates Virat & states finally you got (1) freed from the psycho. We all going to party within the in the evening. Everybody smiles. Kinnars come there & clap. Virat & Jharna looks on. Heer comes there & looks in Virat. Tu hi mera khuda plays…..

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