Shakti 28th August 2024 Episode Written Update: Harak Singh and Preeto doubt Virat’s family

The Daily episode begins with Preeto requesting Virat why did he come here? Peon requests in case he’s fine. Virat states I’d lost my balance & requests him to go. Rohan informs peon that they really know him. Preeto requests what you’re doing here? Harak Singh holds his own collar & states you’re the birth of a bad blood. He states 1st you kidnapped her & afterwards attempted to murder her. He requests what’s Heer’s error in case she’s a kinnar. Preeto requests in case he had come to watch in case she passed away (or) not. Virat states Nutan had come to his own home to inquire him this query & informs that he didn’t accomplish anything.

He states he had come here to watch Heer as his own bhabhi has been doubting on him. He states someone has been trying to take (2) off her oxygen mask & attempted to murder her. They all run to the ICU. Soham cries looking in Heer struggling with personal life & demise. He sees straight lines on the

ECG machine. Everybody comes there racing. Preeto calls Heer & looks in her shockingly. Virat also comes there.

They watch oxygen mask on her nose. Heer opens her eyes & sees Virat. Preeto requests Rohan to call the doctor. She requests her to gain up. Heer turns down her head. Doctor checks her & informs that she’s out of danger as of now.

He states however we’ve to keep her under observation for some time. Virat looks in Heer. Tu hi mera Khuda plays…..

Virat is leaving. Preeto requests where are you going? Virat states he’d come to watch Heer & is as of now going house. Preeto states just how to believe that you didn’t accomplish this.

Virat requests them to catch the real criminal & states he might be within the hospital (3). Preeto states in case not you, afterwards your family (4) member may have finished this. Virat states what are you informing?

Harak Singh requests what you’ll lose, in case it’s proved that they’re engaged in this. Virat states my mom has been telling my brother Daljeet to catch the criminal & you’re accusing them.

Preeto questions on Parmeet & requests Virat to take (2) them to his own home, states we’ll make you watch the fact. Harak Singh states they might be worried that their own conspiracy are successful (or) not. Virat requests them to come. Shanno takes out white clothes for her & imagines she shall wear it for Heer’s demise.

She imagines she shall call Soham & affirm. Rohan sees Soham crying still & states you’re tough from outdoor & soft from inside, like a coconut.

He states I’ll tell Heer that her younger brother loves her a lot, you has been crying for her here. He hugs him. Soham gets Shanno’s call. He imagines what to answer her. Rohan takes the call & talks to Shanno.

He states there is a bad information, Heer is fine, however Soham is crying for Heer. He requests her to think that rough & hard Soham is crying like a child for Heer. Shanno gets furious & imagines he’s also walking on Harak Singh’s footsteps.

She imagines Soham could’t accomplish anything & throws white clothes on the floor.

Daljeet informs Parmeet that Virat had come to hospital (3) & saved Heer. Parmeet applies ointment to his own hands. He states in case he’d not come, afterwards Heer would were passed by as of now. Sant Baksh states still she’s in his own mind. Harak Singh & Preeto sign Virat to knock on the door. Parmeet opens the door. Daljeet imparts his own laptop to Sant baksh & requests him to watch.

They act great. Virat informs Harak Singh & Preeto that even although his own family (4) is little friendly, however they’ll not take (2) anybody’s personal life.

He informs Sant Baksh that Harak Singh & Preeto are doubting them. Sant Baksh requests him to gain Shanti Paath finished & take (2) care of Heer. Daljeet states we could file FIR in case you need & going to catch the masked person also. He requests them to have coffee. Preeto states we’re fine & going to leave.

They leave. Parmeet recalls hearing car sound on time & imagines Heer is saved. Sant Baksh requests why did you go to hospital (3). Virat states in case I’d not gone to hospital (3) that I’d have got (1) tagged of bad & betrayal person. He states your upbringing didn’t teach me this.

He recalls fighting with the masked person to safeguard Heer & washes his own face within the bathroom. Tu hi mera khuda plays…..Gurwinder comes there. Virat states in case you’d not informed me afterwards today Heer would’ve….Gurwinder gratitude him for going to hospital (3) & to Heer. She goes. Virat imagines why is he feeling peace seeing her, imagines he hates her afterwards why is he getting such feeling. He fights with his own feelings.

Next in the morning, Jharna comes house & calls Virat. She wishes him great in the morning. Jharna locates his own engagement ring missing & queries him.

Virat states may be….Parmeet states may be he’s kept somewhere & forgotten. Jharna requests him to wear his own ring, states it’s not great to take (2) it off.

He gets a call & participates it. Heer is on call & informs you’re quite careless Virat Singh. Jharna requests him to show his own phone & takes his own phone from his own hand & puts on speaker.

Heer states you doesn’t respect Jharna & your engagement, as whenever you come near me, you leave your engagement ring near me. She requests him to keep his own feelings, relations & engagement safely.

She states she’s not in all glad that he had come to watch her within the hospital (3), however she’s sad that he could’t approach his own destination. She requests him to come & take (2) his own ring whenever he gets time. Jharna gets upset.

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