Shakti 3rd September 2024 Episode Written Update: Saya rescues Heer from Kareena’s trap

The Daily daily episode starts with Kareena looking in Heer & imagines Soumya standing. Heer takes out money from her purse & offers to Kareena, although the kinnars are still clapping.

Heer appeals what happened & reports that my Gulabo used to say that you residents does this joke to scare residents, although I am not afraid of you. Kareena states you might feel disgusted with us. Heer states no & states I think you all are so cute.

She hugs them One by 1. Kareena recalls Soham asking them to accomplish. She appeals Heer to take (2) (2) them to have icecream. Heer reports that she had met with an accident & can’t walk for longer gap. Rani reports that someone showed humanity so we shall support her.

They hold Heer & make her walk to the lady selling icecream. Kareena appeals the lady to give them icecream. The lady with her face covered imparts them icecream. Preeto gets stunned & reports Harak singh that Heer didn’t come till now.

Harak singh states she will come. Preeto sees the diya setting off in the temple & reports Harak Singh that it’s quite inauspicious. Harak Singh appeals her not to worry & appeals her to light diya again.

Shanno thinks Heer is gone, inauspicious thing have happened. Preeto states she will call Rohan. Rohan comes there. Preeto appeals him where is Heer? Rohan appeals in complaint she didn’t come. Preeto states she had gone with you. Rohan reports that he got (1) Shanno Dadi’s call & she asked him to bring besan.

He states he made Heer Sat. on the bench & left to buy besan. He states when he returned, Heer was not on the bench. Preeto appeals Shanno why did she call Rohan & asked him to bring besan?

Shanno states you had asked me to make besan kadi. Preeto gets stunned & runs out of house, succeeded by Rohan & Harak Singh.

Heer imparts money to the lady & thinks icecream aunty is wearing expensive ring. She recalls her childhood incident. Kareena appeals her to have icecream.

Heer recalls telling Preeto that Gulabo used to write even the small points happened in her house. She recalls Soumya asking her to run in complaint she queries someone. Facebook(FB) ends. Heer pulls the veil of the icecream seller & locates the icecream box empty.

She tries to flee. Soham comes to jeep & reports thinks the garbage is cleared. The kinnars catch Heer & try to take (2) her forcibly.

Heer appeals why you want to kidnap me? Kareena states I will give you such a reply that going to shock you. Saya comes infront of them holding the rod & appeals Kareena to leave Heer. The kinnars refuse. Saya states it seems you didn’t tell them about me. Kareena states what is important about you & reports that she’s Guru maa & have kinnars with her. She states your loving Rani is with me now.

Heer appeals why did you kidnap me? Kareena states because…Saya states she’s your Gulabo’s highest enemy & taking out her enmity on you. She appeals Kareena to leave her lady.

Kareena states your lady & appeals her to take (2) her from there in complaint she’s any courage. Saya is about to hit Kareena with the rod/stick.

although Rani holds her stick. Kareena states she’s enough to handle Saya & attacks her with stick. Saya runs & appeals Heer to close her eyes

Heer closes her eyes. Saya afterwards throws chilli powder on Kinnars & runs far far away with Heer. Preeto, Harak Singh, Rohan & Sindhu see Heer & Saya coming there racing.

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